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Hello and Welcome to,

Gossip & Giggles with T.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Tia Maria. (Yes like the alcoholic drink and no I
am not named after it.) My mumma’s name happens to be Maria and 
her and my dad happened to love the name Tia. Although that is my name, I also go by T. I am 17 years old, born on the 21’st of February and I am currently living in Hertfordshire.

 Winter Wonderland


The beginning of the blog:

This post is all about the story of starting this blog. When it came down to starting it there were 3 major barriers I had in my way:

The first being whether or not to start the blog, a lot of my friends had told me I should make a blog for months now, and at first I was never too keen on doing so.  It was only until I sat down and spoke with a good friend of mine that I realised doing this was possibly a great thing for me to do. She said to me “T, you are a very loud, funny and chatty girl – full of lots of opinions and advice that could help a lot of people. Writing a blog doesn’t mean you are going to be writing for hundreds or thousands of people. But only 1 person has to read what you have to say in order to make them feel better or to change their day. You enjoy reading and writing as much as you enjoy talking and laughing, so why not give it a go.”



This gave me the push to actually start this blog, but then came the second barrier what do I write about. I had no clue what I would even want to write about. This was until I sat down with my notepad and pen and then the ideas just kept coming to me. My main categories of this blog are Everyday Gossip, Cooking & Baking, Travel, Events and Photography. There is a short post on these categories telling you all about why I have them and what I plan to do.

Soup and Bread
Homemade Tomato Soup and Bread



Lastly, was what would my blog be called? I sat there for a good few days of thinking of names for my blog; the one thing I knew was that I would like to incorporate my name into it somehow. I came up with ideas like Everything T, T’s Space, Life of T but I didn’t like those names at all. I then recalled the conversation I had with my friend. “You enjoy reading and writing as much as you enjoy talking and laughing,” From this is where I got Gossip and Giggle from. I have a number of different versions of the name and left it down to twitter to pick the name they preferred. That then leads us to now. 

GG w TFor more information on what my blog has to offer there are short posts in each category explaining it all…

But for now that is all!

I hope you’ll stick around until next Friday at 6pm BST, where I will be uploading my next official blog post – Summer Series Binge found in Everyday Gossip.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Catch you next week, 

Much Love,

– T  xo


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