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I want to say a massive thank you for all the love on my last blog post. It means the absolute world!

So, summer is right around the corner and I like to do a little thing called Summer Series Binge. Now I know a lot of people who know me will say that this is a year round thing for me, which I guess is true. But, Summer Series Binge is what I like to do when I am on holiday and it’s raining outside. And let’s face it, in England it rains almost everyday.

I have watched my fair share of TV series and I am always looking for more to watch. The only problem is I can never find any suggestions on what to watch. I am normally the one in my friendship groups to recommend TV series for my friends to watch, so I thought I would share my top 5 favourite TV series with you!

(Remember, these are my opinions so you may disagree!)

At number 5 there is The Vampire Diaries.the-vampire-diaries This show is full of plot twists and teen drama.
It is based around a girl named Elena and two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon. Both of which are in love with Elena and do everything they can to protect her. It’s the perfect show if you love supernatural, as it’s full of Vampires, Werewolf’s and Witches. I really liked this show because it is different to all the other shows I watch. It does have its gory parts, so I wouldn’t recommend it to those who are not a fan of blood.

The-OC-FOX-051115-1800x1200The O.C. is my 4th favourite show. The O.C. is another teen/family drama/soap opera about the people of Newport Beach, southern California. It begins with the life of a troubled boy named Ryan who lives in Chino. Ryan ends up getting arrested and his attorney Sandy Cohen takes him back to Newport Beach to stay with his wife Kristen Cohen and son Seth Cohen. The series follows the lives of Ryan, The Cohen’s and the people living in the town. It’s a great series and I would definitely watch It If you enjoy family/teen dramas. I found this series very easy to watch, it’s not something you have to watch religiously. It’s perfect if you want to just have a show playing in the back ground. Once you get to know the cast storylines become a lot easier to understand.

In 3rd place is Gossip Girl. I can not count tgossip-girl-350x300_1he number of times I have re watched Gossip Girl from start to finish. Again, it is a very easy show to get into and very addictive too. It’s a show where you have to really watch it though because there are always subtle moments that you may not catch when watching it for the first time. It is about an anonymous person (Gossip Girl), who follows the lives of a bunch of teenagers who live on the Upper East Side. If you love the whole high school romance and the whole who is it? Type of shows, then you’ll definitely love Gossip Girl.

rs_560x415-151124141805-1024-one-tree-hill-season-5-2008One Tree Hill is my 2nd favourite series, I have cried many of times watching this. I remember watching the first episode and thinking that it was all going to be all about basketball, which in truth did put me off. A few months later I started watching it again and fell in love with it. It was then when I realised that it was much deeper than just basketball. The show is about two (half) brothers, who are both incredible basketball players, but they absolutely despise one another. One Tree Hill has many gripping and tragic scenes, with a lot of real life issues incorporated in it. It is a show I would recommend everyone to go watch.

At the top of my favourite list has to be the one and only Pretty Little Liars! I first watched c733e5ca524bb6f20a686cd7456cba42this about 3 years ago in an English class, because one of my friends had told me I should start watching it. I find the show very addictive, with its many cliff hangers. The acting in the show is phenomenal and the storylines get better as the seasons go on. You have to really watch the show to understand and to identify the subtle clues that there are in the show because you’re also on the mystery with the girls. Now for those who don’t know, the show is about 5 girls, who receive messages from ‘A’. But not only does ‘A’ leave them messages, it also does things to destroy their lives. So the girls do everything they can to find out who this person is. I would highly recommend this show if you’re into mysteries, high school crushes and romance. 

There it is, my top 5 favourite TV series and will definitely be the ones I will be re-watching this summer! Let me know of your favourite TV series that I could possibly check out on my time off. For those that do check out these 5 TV Series, I hope you enjoy!

But for now that is all!

In the next few weeks I will be doing a Q&A – So please feel free to leave me any questions in the comments!

I hope you’ll stick around until next Friday!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Catch you next week,

Much Love,

– T  xo


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  1. Nice Blog Post Tia Maria.
    You should check out 90210 it’s another great series
    Here’s a question for you. If you can travel to anywhere in the world where would you go?


    1. Thank You Lucy!! I have watched 90210, it is a great series, definetly in my top 10 favourites.
      I will make sure i’ll answer that question in my Q&A post! It’ll be up in the next few weeks! X


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