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For today’s blog I will be sharing with you all my favourite belongings!! These are all items either brought by me or things I have been given but all things that either mean something to me or that I LOVE!

First of are my canvases – New York is somewhere that I have always wanted to go. I love the look of the city, the buildings, the bridge! But because I haven’t been there I guess I’ll settle for a canvas or three of it! I love the canvases I have because I feel like it turns a plain room into something interesting. It gives you something to look at and enjoy the views. It can also give a room some colour too! I am looking to get a few more canvases preferably in black/white/grey of Skylines so if you know of any good places that sell them leave me a comment of a link!

Next up are my photo frames – My photos are something I strangely can’t live without. I love looking round my room at the photos of me, my family and friends – and all the memories that go along with it. They are the first things I see when I wake up and the last things I see when I go to sleep and it always puts me in a good mood!!

FullSizeRender (7)

My Rings – My rings are something that mean a lot to me. My sister got me my Pandora one  for my 16th birthday and my mum got me my Cupic Zirconia ring on my 17th. These two rings are my favourite possessions. 

Lion King top – A lot of you know I am Lion King crazy!! I don’t think a day goes by where I am not singing songs from the musical! My friends actually surprised me and got me this top one time and I don’t think I have ever been so happy over a piece of clothing!


Wall Art – My wall art is a quote that I live by: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” I am in absolute love with it! I like waking up and seeing it because it really motivates me to get up and do what I have to do! Luckily for me it goes really well with the colours in my room and is also something else to look at!

DVD’s and Music – When it comes to DVD’s and CD’s I like to be well old fashioned I guess. It very cool having sites like Netflix, iTunes and Spotify, but you never know when they will take a film down or how long it will be up there. So I much prefer a physical copy of movies and music. Watching movies and listening to music is something that I do often! One Tree Hill, Lion King, A Simple Wish and Hocus Pocus happen to be my most watched DVD’s – I don’t know how many times over the years I have actually watched these movies/t.v. series. I Love Garage, Now That’s What I Call Reggae, Pop Princesses 2009 and R&B Collections are CD’s that I listen to all the time, some are old and some are new but they all have songs on that I love! 

My final item, well items in my favourite’s are my Leavers DVD and Book. These are two things that I will treasure forever. They were made and put together by my bestfriends for when I left school. The DVD and Book is full of messages from people I know, memories and my favourite teachers! I am so very thankful that I have such incredible friends, that went out their way to do this for me, because I can now watch and read the DVD and Book and remember all the good times I had whilst I was there.

FullSizeRender (4)

I hope you enjoyed finding out my favourite belongings! Leave a comment telling me some of yours and let me know if you would like more posts like this too!

But, for now that is all!

I hope you’ll stick around until next time!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Catch you next week with another blog,

Much Love,

– T  xo


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