Gig Do’s & Don’ts!

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Today’s post is all about gig’s!! Attending gig’s is something that I have done a lot in these last few years. Well lets just say I have learnt all the DO’S and the DON’TS of attending gigs.


Here are some of the things that I have learnt that may help you next time you go to a gig:

DO Plan Your Journey – The first thing I have learnt about gigs is to plan your journey! I am terrible with directions, you can ask anyone I have been to gigs with and they will tell you! I once thought a roundabout was where a festival was… So one thing I advice is to make sure you plan ahead! You don’t want to be getting lost and turning up late.

DON’T Forget your ticket – Forgetting your ticket is quite possible one of the easiest things you could do! Who would have thought a piece of paper would be so important, but you don’t want to be the one out of the group who has to go all the way back home to get your ticket.

DO Take a Portable Charger – I recommend taking a portable charger with you, because nothing sucks more when you are on 3% and you’re trying to take a selfie with a performer and then your phone dies. Checking train times, taking selfies and videos all use up a hell of a lot of battery, and if you have an iPhone you know your battery will already be dead before you even get to the venue!

DON’T Leave the queue – I recommend not to leave the queue unless you really have to. If you do, make sure you know someone who will save your spot. You don’t want to be queuing for hours, leave the queue and then have to go right to the back! 

DO Take Snacks/Water/Gum – Taking snacks is always important, especially if you’re queuing up early. You don’t want to risk losing your spot in line because you are hungry and you will want to keep your energy up! I recommend taking Haribos, they always keep me going! Getting headaches before a gig is never good, so staying hydrated is a must!! I highly recommend taking gum to a gig! Especially if you’ve been eating and will be meeting people. You don’t want your breath to smell!

DON’T Film The Whole Gig – Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with filming a set or two, but don’t be one of those that have their phones out recording every second of the gig. Live in the moment and enjoy the music, make a memory! Don’t focus on recording every second. Videos may not last forever but memories will!

DO Take Extra Money – I always like to take a little more money than needed simply because I don’t know what might happen after a gig. You may decide you want to go out for dinner with a few friends after or there could be new merchandise there to buy!

DON’T Freak out – I understand that it’s hard not to freak out at times, but don’t go crazy! You want the performer to stick around and talk to you for as long as possible. So make it easy for them to do so, just be relaxed and remember they are all just normal people! 

DO Wear Merchandise – I think wearing merchandise you already own is a must. What better way to show your support to performers than rocking up in their merchandise! It will make you stand out to the performer too!!

Let me know of all the things you have learnt from going to gigs!

But, for now that is all!

I hope you’ll stick around until next time!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Catch you next week with another blog,

Much Love,

– T  xo


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