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The other day I received a Graze voucher which allowed me to receive a free Graze box and Free Posting. Usually when I get these vouchers I would just chuck them away or forget about them. However Graze is something that I have wanted to try for a long time, so I thought why not do it!

What is Graze and How does it work?

Graze is healthy subscription snack company. They have over a hundred different delicious snacks that are available to you. When you sign up to Graze, you can tell them what snacks you enjoy, from that they will pick 4 different treats that are best suited to you, and then they’ll send it straight to you! When you sign up with a code you will receive your first and fifth box free! Once you are signed up you have the option to order a one of, or a reoccurring box – Each box has a different cost but they start from £3.99!!

My First Box:

When i first went on to the Graze sight I was immediately drawn to it, the first thing you see is food… healthy food… good looking healthy food! That instantly made me curious of what they had to offer, so I started looking through the snacks and the different categories. I came across the Chocolate Box, So of course I HAD to get that one!

My box had arrived a day before It was meant to have come. Which for some people I guess could be inconvenient, me being one of them. Only because I have a dog and food being posted through the letterbox, well it could have been a disaster. But lucky enough for me, everything was sealed when I got home. I really liked the box that the snacks came in, simply because it reminded me of Christmas and we all know I love Christmas haha!

In side the box I had a “Hello Tia,” leaflet. I thought that this was really cute and personal. On it was a welcome message to me from Graze, lots of promotional gift codes for me to give you all so that you can get free boxes (Which i will leave at the end of the blog), and all the nutritional facts about the snacks I have received. I got another leaflet on Hints and Tips on Graze which I loved because I was able to find out a lot more about the company and how the subscriptions work. I also got two £5 gift vouchers to give to a friend and  lastly I received my 4 different chocolate snacks!!

 fullsizerender-8     img_0024

The snacks I got was:

Salted Pecan & Chocolate Tart

I LOVED this snack!! It has salted caramel chocolate buttons, pumpkin seeds, dates&pecans. I couldn’t get enough of it. When I first read what was in there I wasn’t too sure I would like it because I am not a massive fan of caramel or dates. However they happened to be my two favourite snacks!! I would highly recommend this snack to chocolate lovers!



Chocolate Pretzel Pop

I’m still not quite sure if I actually like this snack… It has Poppyseed Pretzels, Sweet & Salty half popped corn and milk chocolate drops. When I saw this one in the box, I thought that i would not like this snack! I’m not a fan of anything salty, other than salty popcorn and I don’t particularly like pretzels. I did however try it all, and I feel like it would have been really nice if it was less salty. I felt like everything in the snack box seemed like it was coated in salt. But putting that aside I think it’s definitely a snack that will keep you going until your next meal!


Peaches and Creams

This is an interesting one, it full of lots of flavour! This snack box reminds me of spring and flowers. It consists of Belgian White Chocolate, Peach Drops, Sponge Drops and Coconut. I really like the sweetness and the combination of the four different snacks, they all compliment each other really well. The sponge drops really leave an after taste of sponge cake, which I love!! I would definitely have this box of snacks again! 


Honeycomb & Almond – Protein Yoghurt Topper

This is such a nice topper! It has Oats and Barley Granola, Almond, Chocolate Coated Honeycomb and Soya Protein Crispies. I had this topped with just plain yoghurt and It was DEL-ICI-OUS! I never have plain yoghurt, because I am not too keen on the taste, but accompanied by this box of snacks it gave it a lot of flavour. I would like to try this in a yoghurt I would normally have to see whether I would like it. But I would 100% recommend this to any one who loves a yoghurt or would like a change in yoghurt.img_0034

Overall I was very satisfied with what I received from Graze! From signing up to eating the snacks, the process was quick and easy, so anyone could do it! If you would like to try Graze, head over to their website – 

When you sign up you can use my code: TIAH4R65B and you will receive your 1st, 5th AND 10th box free! Let me know if you sign up and what snack you get! If you’re already subscribed to Graze let me know what your favourite snack is!

I would not recommend Graze if you have an Allergies, due to the fact that “all food is packed in the same place, so it may contain Gluten, Eggs, Soya, Milk, Nuts, Celery, Mustard, Sesame and Fish.”

This post is not sponsored by Graze and is all my own opinion!

But, for now that is all!

I hope you’ll stick around until next time!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Catch you next week with another blog,

Much Love,

– T  xo


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