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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are two of three of my favourite days of the year, It’s when I get to see all my brothers and sisters! Not one Christmas is the same and that’s what makes it exciting. 

There is one Christmas story that I always enjoy telling. It’s the first Christmas Eve/Day that I can actually remember having. I hope you enjoy…

It starts of on Christmas Eve, my parents went out that night and my older sister was looking after me and my brothers. It must have gone midnight, and my brother woke me up. At the time I was about 3 or 4, making my brother 7 or 8. He woke me up whispering “It’s Christmas!” Of course my sleep was so much more exciting than I thought Christmas Day was back them! Which is funny, considering when you get older Christmas is supposed to be less exciting than sleeping – which is the complete opposite as to how I feel!  

Anyway, when he finally got me awake, he said “Mum’s home, go ask her if we can take the presents downstairs” because Santa left them in our parents room… Of course he would ask ME to go ask, so he wouldn’t get in trouble for being awake!

So i remember sneaking out of our room, being as quiet as possible because I didn’t want to wake anyone up and I didn’t want my Dad to find out we were awake. I walked to the bathroom and I knocked quietly on the door. I whispered to my mum, “Mum, can me and Jack take the presents downstairs?” My mum said yes, but we had to be quiet.

I went back and told Jack we could, then we went into their room and started picking up presents. I remember Jack saying ” I’ll take the big ones and you take the small ones”. So i pick up a small present and my brother picks up a big one and we start to make our way down the stairs. So when we got to the bottom of the stairs we stopped. I remember being able to see my Dad in the Kitchen and us thinking that if we get caught we are going to get in trouble… EVEN THOUGH we already got permission from our Mum.

We would wait until he wasn’t looking and we would run quickly into the living room and put the presents under the tree. At the time we thought we were so clever, thinking that he wouldn’t notice us, but of course he did! We took all the presents downstairs and then we went back to bed. And that was the first Christmas I can actually remember!

Comment some of your favourite Christmas Stories!

But, for now that is all!

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I hope you enjoyed reading! Catch you Friday and Tuesday with another blog,

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