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So, because of how much I love this time of year, it means there are quite a few things that I really like. So I am sharing with you my winter/Christmas favourites!

At the top of my list there is Candles and Baths – There is nothing nicer than a candle lit hot bath at night at this time of year. It is the most relaxing thing to do when you want to wind down and go to bed.

Mince Pies!! – As soon as they are available to purchase I am there, I can’t have a Christmas or even a November/December without Mince Pies! img_0888

PJ’s and comfortable clothing – I basically live in comfy clothing. Jumpers, Joggers – anything that’ll keep me warm and cosy. But around this time of year I especially love my pyjamas! There is something about them that makes me excited for Christmas Day! 

Music – When it’s cold out I love listening to music. I usually listen to Christmas Songs to put me in the mood for Christmas. You can check out my playlist of my favourite Christmas songs – and I like to listen to feel good&up beat songs. They are great especially when you have to go out in the cold, because it takes your mind of the horrible weather! A group I like to listen to are Franklin Lake. The duo consists of two guys TayTay and Jude who work extremely hard writing&recording new material to get out to their fans! They have just released a song for Pre Order called Glad We Met It is a very upbeat, dancey type of song, definitely one of my favourites.  I’ll leave a link to their music and all their socials at the bottom of this post, But I highly recommend you check them out!

Fairy Lights – I think every house needs fairy light’s! They make everything in the house seem so homey and it lights your room up nicely. I usually have fairy lights up all year round, but when it comes to this time of year it really makes your room feel very christmassy.img_0591
Christmas Films – I don’t particularly just watch Christmas Films in November/December, I tend to watch them all year round. I feel like why should you have to wait to watch films that make you feel happy and excited for the festive season! My favourites to watch are Elf of course!, Home Alone, Love Actually, The Polar Express, The Holiday and Grinch! 

Christmas Markets – I love walking round the Christmas Markets, it always makes me extremely excited for Christmas! Watford had a great German Christmas Market last year, a lot of the things they sold were great for small Christmas presents!

Last but not least, is decorating my Christmas Tree. I love decorating my tree with my mum. My mum is Christmas crazy like me so it is always fun! We often argue, we attempt at singing along to christmas songs and we always cry with laughter and I wouldn’t change a thing! 

That is all! Let me know some of your Christmas Favourites in the comments!

Franklin Lake Social Media: 

Twitter: @FranklinLake_ @TayTay_FL @JudeRead_FL 


Glad We Met – Pre Order: 

But, for now that is all!

While you wait for my next post you can check out my last blog post – Christmas Story!

16 Day’s Until Christmas!!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Catch you Tuesday and Friday with another blog,

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