The Best of 2016!


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As 2016 comes to an end, I have decided to look back on the year and share with you some of my favourite moments. These are not all of them, just a selection from the list I wrote and they’re of course not in any particular order!

Meeting Danny Dyer! Meeting Danny Dyer HAS tobe up there in the best day/moment of my life. Word’s can not describe how I felt and still feel about that day. I went as far as telling him that “I want to marry him” (and I still do). I met him at Sports Relief back in march and although he was in a rush to get to the race he was about to run, he stopped and got a picture with me and a bunch of friends I was with. He was exactly as I imagined him to be and it’s a day I will never forget.


Becoming an Auntie. In mid October, my wonderful sister gave birth to the most gorgeous little girl ever. I feel like i have been waiting forever to become an Auntie, so I am over the moon that I finally am one. I am so proud of my sister and brother-in-law who are both such awesome people and amazing parents. I love you both lots!

Starting my blog. At the beginning of 2016 I never once thought that I would be posting content (almost every week) on a site that I have created myself. It has helped develop my writing and has opened me up to a whole new side of the internet. Not only that, but it has made me more confident in the kitchen and I can now make a great Spaghetti Bolognese!

One of the most recurring things that has happened this year is this…

There have been a number of times this year where I have made my friends, follow me round and take photos whether it be me with someone or if it’s just of me on my own. Strangely they agree to do so.

In May, I completed the first year of my college course with Distinctions in every unit. I work so hard, not necessarily in college, but out side of college and it was such a great achievement to finish my first year on such a high level. Not only that but I also was the first to complete the year and I did it a month and half early too!

Working with a charity. I had the opportunity to work with the British Polio Fellowship for 3 months this year, helping them plan an event. Although I was not there to see how the event turned out, it was a great experience to help plan an event with them.

Seeing my family. My family are the most important people to me and especially in the last few months I have been able to spend a lot more time with them. I love sitting down with them and listening to everyone talk over each other, laughing at the random video’s my Grandma sends us all, seeing some of the family I haven’t seen in months and everyone being happy. Although they all drive me INSANE, I wouldn’t change it or them for the world!

For now that is all!

While you wait for my next post you can check out my last blog post – Christmas Q&A!

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2017 bring you all lots of joy and happiness.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Catch you next Friday with another post!

Much Love, 

– T


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