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In today’s post I am going to share with you 18 outfits/pieces of clothing that I have found on Pinterest and have fallen in love with! 


Here is a link to my pinterest page if you would like to see other boards I have:

Lets get started!!

When it comes to fashion, lets just say I am pretty basic. I often think to myself that I want to change my style and I know what style I want to go for,but whenever I get ready to go out i’ll still end up putting on black jeans and a black top with a black coat. 

With it being a new year, I have decided that I am going to stop saying “I will make a change” and instead I am going to do it. So I took to pinterest and here are a few of my favourite outfits/pieces of clothing:

Lucy Hale is my biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion. I adore her style and the way she pulls off a hat. I originally fell in love with outfits worn by her on the TV show Pretty Little Liars. Lucy played Aria and the best way to describe Aria’s outfits are unique and sophisticated with an edge. She was often wearing quirky outfits, bold colours and LOT’s of accessories! 

Outfit Number 1: This outfit is an Aria Montgomery outfit. I love the simplicity of it. It is very casual and looks so comfortable! I really like the grey jumper and boots and I think the necklace added to the outfit really completes it!

Outfit Number 2: This is another Aria Montgomery outfit that I love. Wearing dresses is something I vary rarely do on a casual day to day basis. I usually only wear them if I am going out out. But this dress and outfit really is something I would wear throughout the day.

Outfit Number 3: I love this look, it’s casual but sophisticated. I really love the blazer look and the heels make it look very classy.

Item Number 4: Hats are an item of clothing that I really want to get into wearing and these floppy hats are my favourite! They are the type of hats that you can pull off any time of the year!

Outfit Number 5: I love Lucy’s ripped jeans in this photo and her jacket. This look really has it’s edgy side to it.

Item Number 6: I love these heels! They are not something that I would wear daily but I think they are definitely something I would wear a lot. 

The next few outfits I have found are all dresses. They are ones that I would wear on a day to day basis!

Outfit Number 7:

Outfit Number 8:

Outfit Number 9:

Outfit Number 10:

Outfit Number 11: I love these heels. The neutral colour allows you to wear them with anything. I am a big fan of thick heel because I feel like it makes them easier to wear on a daily basis.

Outfit Number 12: I love these jeans! I only have one pair of just normal jeans that aren’t skinny or fitted. These are so quirky and unique and I love them! If you know where I can get these in the UK please let me know in the comments below!

Outfit Number 13: I have had dungarees for years, but I only have shorts dungarees and they are more of holiday colours. When I saw these I was in love. I am a big fan of the floral design! I really think that this goes really well with the stripped top too!

Outfit Number 14: Sticking to the dungarees, I really like this dress too.


Outfit Number 15: Now this outfit is not something I would usually go for, it has a lot of colours that I thought I would never wear. Strangely though I fell in love with the outfit. Again, it’s something that is very quirky, bold and unique.

Outfit Number 16: I really like this dress because it’s so simple but glamorous! I love the pale pink. This is definitely a more of a going out outfit!

Outfit Number 17: I really like this outfit! I wear black vest tops all the time, but I have never thought to wear it with a skirt. Everything about this outfit I feel like just goes. The one thing I really love is the boots! Now because I’m small, footwear are an important factor when it comes to an choosing an outfit. I have to wear something that gives me a least a little bit of height and those boots are perfect!

Outfit Number 18: I really like the top half of this outfit. I think the white blazer and grey jumper/top goes really well together. It makes a very casual look, sophisticated and the small jewellery adds to that too.


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My Last Post – 2017 Goals!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Catch you next Friday with another post!

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