Friendships, Originality and Loyalty

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Today’s post is all about Friendships, Originality, and Loyalty

I feel like people now a day’s are so lost in what everyone expects you to be that they lose who they really are. They put their opinions and how they feel a side and almost put on an act just to fit in with their group of people. They make up small stories, that they don’t have to make up, to make a situation seem more interesting. They copy the way people act, dress and behave because that to them is normal.

But what is normal about being someone you’re not?

You don’t need to be a copy! Be who you are. If the true you is not good enough for the people you call “friends” then are they really your friends?

Do you really want to spend your life lying not only to your friends but to yourself? Because when you lie you’re trapped. At the end of every lie comes two options, continue to lie and end up tripping up on your lie, or simply telling the truth. Either way, you’ll have to come clean sooner or later.

I have had so many people in my life that have lied to me, tell me one story and then tell my friend another. (Thinking I wouldn’t find out? Oh and It gets horribly worse for them, I found out they were using what happened to me as a story of their own!!!).

I have had too many people in my life that have had to lie about who they are just so they can use me to get to a position they are in today or to get close to someone I know.

You see, its things like this that make me question everything about me; make me wonder why I am so nice to everyone and why I am so trusting. Do I just stop being nice to people? Do I not trust what others say? or do I simply just keep everything to myself at least that way I know that I won’t get hurt.

But why should I change the way I am because of those people? Why should I have to lie about myself to make the actions of others seem right? Why am I blaming myself because those so called “friends” decided to lie to me, use me and be fake?

In life, you’ll slowly discover who your true friends are and who’s really there for you when you need them. You don’t need to be someone with loads of friends because at the end of the day how many of those people will be there for you in your time of need?

When finding those true friends, you begin to learn a lot about Loyalty. Loyalty is not something that you can assure people with because I guess you can never really know someone’s loyalty to you until you’re in a situation.

I would never have thought that in a million years very good friends of mine would have turned out the way they have. To find out they have been using me and lying to me is something I would have never expected and it’s not something you should or would expect. I though those friends would be loyal to me like I was to them, but they weren’t. They were so quick to lie to me and drop me as soon as they got what they wanted from. They used me as their own little stepping stone across the river.

No one should ever be a stepping stone. What happened to the simple gesture of JUST ASKING?

To those friends, who I know will be reading this I want to congratulate you. You’ve all crossed the river. You’re all in a position that you wanted to be in whether that be in a relationship, being close to someone or in a job. I’ve always told you to go after what you want and to chase your dreams. I guess I just never thought you’d stab me in the back on your way. But despite it all, I’m happy for you.

Don’t let people change who you are! Be yourself, and if people don’t like you for that they’re most certainly not the people you should be around. Be original, Be YOU. It’s okay if you don’t fit in with one crowd of people, you’ll fit in with another!

For now, that is all.

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I hope you enjoyed reading! Catch you on Wednesday with another post!

Much Love,

– T


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