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Fathers day is round the corner and buying presents can sometimes be a very hard thing to do. I used to always struggle when it came to looking for presents! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your father or for any other occasion you have coming up, then look no further! I am going to share with some of the best places I go to when buying someone a gift! (Both online and shops. These are all my opinion too!)

Best Places For Buying Gifts

Amazon –

You will literally find anything and everything on Amazon. It is the first place I like to go to especially if I am searching for something that will fall under a category like motorbikes, football, etc because they often come up with a large range of gifts within that category and at reasonable costs too.

B&M –

This bargain shop is my absolute favourite. You can honestly find the most random gifts in there. This is my go to when I am buying my Mum something because they always have the most unusual things, like a rustic white birdcage with holders for tealight candles. However, they do have something for everyone. I not so long ago brought my brother a shaving kit from in there for really cheap and it came with all the different heads so that he could shave his nose, ears, beard… you get the picture. It is also the best place to get canvases, mirrors, and photo frames too! It is also a bargain shop so everything you find in there is also pretty cheap, but it’s the type of shop where if you see something you like get it because you don’t know how long it will be on the shelves!

Find Me A Gift or Not on the High Street –

They both have such a unique range of gifts that cater for all occasions! They are perfect if you’re looking for something like a joke gift, day’s out gifts or something personal. They can be slightly on the high side in terms of cost for some gifts but you get what pay for – so it’s definitely worth it!

Warren James or H. Samuel –

When it comes to buying jewelry these are my go to shops!! They do not disappoint when it comes to their jewelry and they ALWAYS have such good deals on to, which is a bonus! H. Samuel currently have a 50% off SALE on at the moment, so be sure to head over there!

Flying Tiger – 

This is a great shop when it comes to buying things for your room or the house. This is my go to for buying candles in particular because they have a range of colours, smells, and shapes! However, they do have something for everyone – Mums, Dads, Children, Partners and it is all reasonably cheap! You can’t order online though so click the link below and see if you’re lucky enough to have one local!

Poundland –

Everyone needs a little bit of sweet and chocolate in their lives and Poundland is the place to go for it! You can really save yourself a lot of money by going there if you’re looking to buy large amounts of chocolates and sweets.

Let me know where you all like to shop when it comes to buying gifts for someone!

For now, that is all.

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Until next time!

Much Love,

– T xo


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