TOP 5 Musicians, I’m Loving | June 2017

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I was on my way to college the other day and I was asked the question

“Who’s your favourite artist and what song of theirs do you like?”

For some reason I just couldn’t think of anyone, nor could I think of a song. Those that know me will know I am a massive lover of music and have been fortunate enough to have grown up listening to all genres. So my music taste really varies, which also means I listen to a lot of different artists. But I never thought I would be so lost for words over that one question.

It really made me think about who I like and what type of music I am drawn to. There are of course the people that really stand out and that everyone knows like Olly Murs, McFly, Jess Glynne, Gavin DeGraw and the list goes on… But then I began thinking about all those people that I’m constantly listen to, that most of my friends, my family or even strangers don’t know.

I am always coming across musicians and falling in love with them and their music and this month I wanted to share with you some of those people.

Top 5 Musicians, I'm Loving

(These are in no particular order)

Cassidy Ford – 

Song: “You’ve Got This Hold On Me” –

Cassidy is a singer/songwriter from Leesburg, Virgina in the US. I fell in love with Cassidy and this song when I heard in back in 2012 in the show Hollywood Heights. Cassidy has such a beautiful voice and I am so happy to share her music with you all! I find this song extremely relatable and emotional, which is why I think I have this attachment to it. I 100% think you should go check her and the song out!

More music from Cassidy Ford:



Cody Longo –

Song: “One Day At A Time” –

Cody Longo is another phenomenal musician and actor I have been loving since 2012. Cody is one of the main actors in the show Hollywood Heights. His role in the show happened to be a musician, and “One Day At A Time” is another song that is featured in Hollywood Heights sung by Cody Longo. Again, this is another song which I relate to so much. It is by far one of my favourite songs of all time! It is an extremely moving and emotional song and one that will stick with you forever after you’ve heard it. 

I am also a big fan of all of his work especially one of most recent songs “Til’ Tomorrow” which you can check out here:

More of Cody Longo:



Straalen –

Song: “Hollow” –

Straalen is such a talented young singer-songwriter from Australia. His voice is just out of this world. You can really hear in the way he sings his love for music, which I love. He has written some awesome tracks, including, Hollow, Be Mine Tonight and Help.  I would highly recommend for you all to check him out. 

Hollow is actually my favourite song at the moment. I can’t stop singing it! It’s a very chilled out song, with such meaningful lyrics. Go check it out if you’re looking for something a little more mellow.

More of Straalen:

You can listen to his most recent released Help here:



Tay Watts –

Song: “High Like You” –

I first discovered Tay on YouTube doing covers. I am a sucker for country songs and when I saw his cover of “You” by Chris Young I fell in love. SO, I did my research on Mr. Tay Watts and came across some of his original songs. He released an EP back in 2016 called “Ready To Go” which included the song “High Like You”. It is such a beautiful EP, but something about the song “High Like You” really got me hooked! I can not wait for music from him!

More of Tay Watts:

His EP: Itunes –



Franklin Lake –

Song: “Glad We Met” –

I have been fortunate enough to have known these boys for 4 years now and they have been creating music together for about 3 and a half. I have had the pleasure of going to the majority of their gigs and to listen to their music. My favourite song of theirs is a song called “Closer” which isn’t actually available now, but coming in second is a song they have just released called Glad We Met and it is such an awesome track. I know I say it all the time but I couldn’t be prouder of them!

Check out Franklin Lake here:

Glad We Met:



You can also PRE-ORDER their new single The Tide, which is set to be released on 1st September –

There you have it, they’re some of my favourite musicians and their songs! Be sure to check them out and give them some love! You won’t regret it.

If you have someone who you would like me to check out then leave a comment and let me know or tweet me – @TiaMariaHope or drop me a message to my facebook page – Gossip and Giggles with T! 

For now, that is all.

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Until Next Time!

Much Love,

– T xo


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