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So from the title of this post, I am sure you know exactly what this post is all about!


It has been 1 WHOLE week, (well 6 days for me), since the very last episode of my all time favourite show, Pretty Little Liars aired and I am still not over it!

If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog and or you follow me on social media, then I am sure you know just how much I love this show. All the lies, plot twists, love affairs, and of course the question on all of our minds, “WHO’S ‘A’?” brought me back week after week. Even making me question whether Tippi, The Parrot, could be behind all the twisted games.

Ref: Tippi The Parrot – Pretty Little Liars – S04E02 Turn of the Shoe

For those who don’t know about Pretty Little Liars all though I am sure you do, it is about a group of 4 girls, Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario), Hanna Maria (Ashley Benson), and Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell), who all grow up in a town called Rosewood. At the end of one summer, their bestfriend and well leader of the group Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) goes missing. The group drifts apart and 1 year later, the body of Alison is found and the girls begin to receive texts by someone who calls themselves “-A”. These indirect threatening messages and all their secrets bring the girls back together again. The girls set out to find who’s behind all these messages, as well as discovering what really happened to their friend that summer.



This next part contains some spoilers so don’t read on if you are yet to finish the show!


It still seems so crazy that the show has completely finished. I remember the first ever time I watched it. At the time I had moved to a school, that had just opened and I only knew 1 person starting there at the time. We weren’t in any classes together, so I had to make new friends. I was sitting in a 2-hour English class, where I made friends with this girl who told me about the show. At the time the first half of season 4 had ended, and the next episode was a special released in October, and then the second half was to start back up again in January 2014. Every Wednesday morning in that 2-hour English lesson, my friend and I would sit there and watch the show. I caught up in time for the second half of Season 4, so then it became a tradition that every Wednesday morning, (because that was when the show would come out in the UK), we would watch it! How we got away with it I do not know!

Ref: The Liars – Pretty Little Liars – S01E01 Pilot

The show became a big part of my 2 years at the school, to the point where we were all named each after characters from the show. I was Aria as she was my favourite and I feel like I could relate to her the most… and no… I was not in a relationship with a teacher! Although I kid you not, there was an English teacher at my school who looked SO much like Ian Harding, who played Ezra Fitz. If you know the show then you know Ezra is also an English teacher. Coincidence?

Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz, or #Ezria are by far my favourites on the show. From the moment they met in the bar in the very first episode, I was really hoping for a happy ending for the pair of them. I was sitting on the edge of my seat when I thought Ezra was ‘A’ in Season 4 and I had never felt so intense when both Ezra and Aria were on that Ski Lift! I honestly thought that they would never get their happy ending. I pretty much couldn’t relax until they actually tied the knot!

Ref: Ezria Wedding – Pretty Little Liars – S07E20 Till Death Do Us Part

However, I think that just proves the phenomenal acting, writing and directing that they show has. To make someone not only physically feel all these emotions but to also make them feel as if they were actually there is pure talent. 

As the seasons went on they really did get better, but I do think Season 4 and 5 have got to be one of the best seasons of the show. I don’t think that there is a single episode of which I didn’t like. It was so full of surprises, answers, more questions and pure excitement because you simply just didn’t know what was going to happen next. In the space of 20 or so episodes, I went from loving Ezra to fearing him, to being in tears thinking that he might die. The two seasons were extremely I think were the most dominant seasons. It was close to the time where the girls were getting close to figuring out who “A” is, as well as people finding out that Alison is also alive too. Each episode seemed like it was going at a fast pace because there was so much going on. We were finally getting all the answers we have been asking since Seasons One, as well as coming up with more questions like “Who shot Ezra?”.

Ref: All the Liars – Pretty Little Liars – S04E24 A is for Answers

Although those were my favourite seasons, the final season I think were great. There have been a lot of mixed reviews about the last couple of seasons and especially the finale, but I honestly loved them. I especially loved the last episode, in particular, I think it was the perfect way to end the show!

Ref: Saying Goodbye – Pretty Little Liars – S07E20 Till Death Do Us Part

I have so much to say about this very last episode, and I know that a lot of people weren’t too keen on it, but I thought it was great. I was very nervous about it at first because I didn’t want to be disappointed. After the emotional episode before, I couldn’t imagine how I would be feeling during the last one. And although I didn’t cry as much as I did before, I was in total shock at all the answers we were given during it. The biggest shock for most people may have been Aria’s first wedding dress (Which I think was totally gorgeous BTW), but of course at the revelation of Spencer having a twin, Alex Drake…A.D… But mine was at the fact that Wren pretty much knew all along! 

Ref: Wren & Melissa – Pretty Little Liars – S01E01 Pilot

I was in total Aw of Wren when the show began. I thought he was this innocent guy, who had fallen in love with his ex’s sister. When Wren left around the middle of season 4, I thought that would be the last we were seeing off him. There were signs of him being pretty sketchy like colouring in the red coat, but I never would have thought that he was a part of the crazy train! I always thought that he would be the one that always looks out for Spencer. I also can’t believe that not only did he father the Emison twins, he shot Alex so she would look like Spencer, but also ended up getting himself killed too?! 

Ref: Wren Kingston – Pretty Little Liars – S07E15 In The Eye Abides the Heart

Moving onto the biggest reveal of them all, that being Alex Drake. I did not see that one coming! I honestly had no idea of who I thought A.D. might be, but I thought that the twin storyline wouldn’t be used because of the books. So, when she was revealed I was in complete shock. Although a lot of people hate that Alex Drake was A.D. because she wasn’t a character they had been introduced to within the storyline. I simply think that it would make no sense for it to be anyone else. A.D’s game plan was to torture the girls in order to find out who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis! They had already killed Archer so that rules him out. I think considering Wren was a reoccurring character in PLL from Seasons 1-4, it would be odd to just bring him back in the last couple of episodes and make him A.D. With Alex being A.D. meant that she could be in the episode but we just wouldn’t know it was her because we thought it was Spencer, which is genius! Not only that, she has clear motive to continue torturing the girls. She loved her sister Charlotte so much that she stole the game from her when she was died and continued playing it. With Charlotte being dead and after finding out who killed her, and with killing Wren to the only people she has are Mary and Spencer. She was jealous of the life Spencer lives so by kidnapping her she can finally be Spencer as well as having Spencer to herself. Mary couldn’t go anywhere either because she’s just escaped prison. So I think it makes total sense for Alex to be A.D, because who else would want to find out who killed Charlotte?

Ref: Alex Drake meets Charlotte – Pretty Little Liars – S07E20 Till Death Do Us Part

The last couple scenes of the show I think were a couple of best scenes in that episode. I loved that Mona finally won the game back. Even though it is a sick and twisted game baring in mind, I am glad she has it. I think it makes the show complete because the game can not just end like that!

Ref: Mona’s Dollhouse with Mary & Alex Drake – Pretty Little Liars – S07E20 Till Death Do Us Part

And the very last scene, with the girls in the barn, I think that was such a special scene. The series did a complete full circle and really shows what a horrible town Rosewood really is. It was really touching to see the show end how it began. 

Now that it is over there is only one thing I can do now and that is… Start from the beginning again! It’s all very bittersweet, I am happy and very sad to see it end, but I am excited to see what everyone gets up to next!

Ref: Pretty Little Liars – Freeform

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