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I am thrilled to announce the launch of Gossip & Giggles with T – Beauty and Fashion! and what better way to kick it off than with my Go-To Outfits! Find out more about my Beauty and Fashion category here:


Growing up I’ve never been massively interested in fashion. I would always make sure that whatever outfit I wore looked nice and that the colours go together but, I didn’t really care where they were from, how much they cost, or if they were ‘so last season’. I much preferred feeling comfortable and not having to worry so much if it gets dirty. My go-to outfits are exactly that. They are items that are reasonably cheap, comfortable and something you can wear often.

I will try my hardest to link everything as I go, but I will include where I got them from with prices too.

LOOK No.1:

This look is what I would call my summer look. I like to wear this outfit when the sun is shining because it really keeps you cool. The outfit is very light so it doesn’t absorb the heat. I think generally White and Light Blue are very summery colours too, which also makes it perfect for that time of year. I think this combination works well because the colours throughout the outfit go well together. I think the hint of blue in top really breaks up the dominant white colour.
The top is very stretchy and the material is the type that is made with holes in, but a layer that protects it from being open holes… if that makes any sense… which is perfect for the summer time because it does keeps you cool.

The white jeans are a very nice fit, but just a little long. However, rolled up it makes the jeans look nicer and much more fitted around the calves.

The White and Blue Flower top cost £14.99 from New Look.
The White Skinny Jeans cost £12.99 from Primark.
The White Shoes are from George, Asda. (These were a gift so I am not sure how much they cost but I reckon no more than £15)

LOOK No.2:

This is probably my cosiest look of them all. I think this is the perfect outfit if it’s a bit miserable outside, and you don’t really want to put much of an effort into what you are wearing. I wear this outfit all the time, but it is definitely more of an Autumn look.
The jumper is very thin, but the inside is fluffy which is what makes it warm and soft. I definitely recommend getting the size up because the bagginess makes it sit nicer and feel better on.
The jeans are very stretchy and easy to move about in. I have had them a while and they still haven’t faded, which is great because it is hard to get black jeans that don’t fade these days!

Pale Grey Baloon Sleeved Sweater cost £15.99 from New Look. The jumper also comes in other colours – salmon pink and lilac. – This jumper is currently on sale and costs £7!! To get the jumper click here: New Look – Jumper

The Black Skinny Jenna Jeans cost £12.99 also from New Look.
To get the jeans click here: 
New Look – Jeans

LOOK No.3:

This is another comfortable and easy laid back look, but unlike look 3, this is more of a spring/summer outfit. Of course, depending on how you are feeling or what type of day you’re having you can alternate the bottoms from jeans to leggings, but I much prefer wearing jeans with this top. The top isn’t very long, and leggings can often be a bit too revealing around the bum area. I do recommend if you were to wear this outfit with leggings a longish black cardigan would look great with it. But like I mentioned, I prefer to wear jeans.
This outfit is all from Primark. The top is very soft and quite thick material too, which is what makes it comfortable. It comes tied at the bottom, which is what drew me to the top in the first place. The colours aren’t too in your face either which is nice because I do try to avoid bright coloured clothing. And to top it off it has a palm tree right in the middle and who doesn’t like palm trees?
The jeans are also from Primark and they are the most comfortable jeans I own! They are the same brand as the white jeans – Black Skinny Jeans – but I got the size down from the white jeans and they fit SO much better. – If you are shopping in Primark/New Look I do recommend you try the clothes on before purchasing!

Hawaiian Surf Club Top cost £8 from Primark.
Black Skinny Jeans cost £12.99 from Primark.


My fourth look is an outfit I quite often wore to college. It is a very casual look and again very comfortable too. This outfit is all from River Island.
The Black and Cream striped top is low cut, and it is one that sits quite funny. On the sides, it kind of goes up creating a curve, which often raises the front and back of the top. However, when you wear something like jeans with it, it keeps it in place. The top is very thick in comparison to the other T-Shirts and all though it is sleeveless it does keep you surprisingly warm.
I like to wear jeans with this top because like I previously mentioned it keeps the top in place. These jeans are a few years old now, and they are still in great condition. They fit perfectly, they’re not too tight or restrictive. The colouring in them hasn’t gone yet which is awesome. But, what I like best about them is the length! They are made to come up short, which is great because it doesn’t mean I have to roll them. Rolled up jeans or jeans that are a little longer often restrict you on what shoes you can wear with them – like it can make boots feel too tight or even make them look weird. So with these trousers, you avoid all that hassle and you can actually get boots on that look good and feel good too!

I am unsure on the costs of this outfits but based on other items of clothing:
The Black and Cream striped top costs between £15-£20 from River Island.
The Black Skinny Jeans costs between £30-£40 from River Island.
Head over to River Island to check out their clothing here: https://www.riverisland.com/


My final look is what I like to call my Sunday look. This outfit is such a chill-out kind of day outfit. One that you’ll put on just so you can say you’ve gotten out of your PJ’s but still be in that same comfort. This outfit is all from Primark too and all together cost me just over £10!!
The New York long Top is such a lounging top, but something you can get a way with if you wore it out. I love New York, and the simplicity of the design on the Top is what made it stand out to me. You can adjust the sleeves too by using the button and piece of material which pulls it up (As worn in the images). The length of the top is really great because it allows you to wear trousers like leggings. Down both sides of the top, there is a slit which stops at the waist line. This simply makes it easier for you to move around in the top without it looking like a dress or nighty. The material really does keep you warm, but it is also quite see through which is the only down side! So make sure you wear a white bra with it!
These a probably one of the better quality leggings Primark produces. These are Cotton Leggings which means they are thicker than the others. I love these because they aren’t see through, they are thick and they also keep you warm too!

New York Top cost £8 from Primark.
Cotton Leggings cost £2.50 from Primark.

There we have it, those are 5 of my Go-To Outfits! If you would like to more of what’s in my wardrobe then be sure to give this post a like!

If you would like to find out more about my Beauty and Fashion category you can click here:

But for now, that is all.

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