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I was sent this product from the lovely people at Review Directory and at first, I was very unsure about it. Of course, I was grateful to have been sent it but I had no idea how such a small thing could do so much. 

Function 1 – Hot. The heat emits through the pad and as you massage it on your face it is said to increase the blood circulation which will loosen and relax the facial muscles. It also activates cell re-growth and opens up the pores.
Function 2 – Vibration. The vibration function happens after the hot function and then again after the cold function. This function will help the skin care absorption.
Function 3 – Cool. The cool function reduces the skin redness and stiffness, it closes up pores and soothes sore facial muscles. 

Sensse Hot and Cool Facial Bar

As you can see from the images above the device comes with one button and 3 lights. So as you can imagine I thought well what good would this be? That was until I tried it for the first time…

I love the classic white and copper look of the product. It’s very simple but effective and is going to look great standing on my shelf. The product it self is very light which I also found quite shocking and it is actually quite small too!
The product arrived in the best packaging too. Again the box is too very simple just a tad hard to open!

Sensse Hot and Cool FacialBar

And I can honestly say hand on my heart I am impressed!! After using just once I felt an instant change in my face. Not so much of a physical change in appearance but definitely an internal change. My face feels much more relaxed, fresh and awake and that is just after using it once.

The product is super easy to use with just a push of the power button in order to change each function. On each function, you just need to gently massage the device into your face with a bit of moisturiser on the pad and let it do its magic. You are to do this after your face has been washed with warm water and only do it for 2 minutes, 3/4 times a week.

Sensse Hot and Cool facial bar

The features on such a small device are so powerful and most certainly worth the purchase! I am sure that after a few weeks of using it I will begin to see a massive change in physical appearance too.

I will do a follow-up review on the product in a couple of weeks of using the device to see the difference!

If you would like to purchase the product it is now on SALE over on Amazon!! – SENSSE Hot and Cool Facial Bar 

But for now, that is all.

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