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Finding my top 10 favourite Friends moments was probably the hardest thing I have had to do in 2017 so far. If you’re a Friends fanatic like me, then I’m sure you understand the task at hand. It’s even harder to pick when you’ve said “This has got to be one of my favourite episodes of Friends” after every episode… OPPS.

I took the challenge on and I found 10 of my favourite moments. I know for sure that as soon as this post goes up I would have probably got 10 more new favourite moments. So if you like the post and want to see a part two then hit the like button and share with your friends!


10. Wedding Dresses

This has to be up there as one of the best moments in Friends! It’s not every day that you and your bestfriends get dressed up in wedding dresses for the fun of it!

9. Estelle dies

This is probably one of the saddest yet sweetest moments in friends. Although Estelle was not a main character it was so sad to hear that she had passed. But, the real tear jerking moment was the sweet gesture Phoebe does for him so that Joey doesn’t find out!

8. Phoebe finding out about Chandler and Monica

You know that exciting moment when your Mum or Dad has been food shopping and all the cupboards and the fridge is full, yeah, well this is better. Phoebe finding out about Chandler and Monica has got to be the best reaction out of them all. 

7.  Chandler and Rachel cheesecake

Now to all my fellow Cheesecake lovers out there, you’ll be able to relate to this one. I can’t say I have ever ‘stolen’ a neighbours Cheesecake before, but I have dropped a whole Cheesecake and boy it is the most disappointing feeling ever. 

6. Monica and Chandler get engaged

This is one of the cutest proposals E.V.E.R! I’ve always loved these two together, so this engagement was the best. I loved everything about it from the speeches to the candles every where, even if it was a complete fire hazard.

5. Phoebe Running

If I had the confidence that this girl has, then boy I would be living the life. I LOVE the way she runs, so wild and carefree! 

4. Rachel and Joey go on a date

Throughout the whole show, I was hoping that these two would get together and when they went on this date I thought all my prayers for the two were being answered. There was TOTALLY a connection there. I was gutted that she ended up with Ross in the end.

3. Joey doesn’t share food

Now 3rd on my list has got to be this iconic moment that I think a lot of people relate too! If you know me, you’ll know that I hate to share my food. Food is the only thing that will keep me sane throughout the day, and if I miss a meal boy do I get cranky. I totally get where you’re coming from Joey!

2. It’s the Humidity

Having curly hair is great until the sun is shining and the humidity is above 40%! Then you look like a member of Jackson 5! Trust me, I can relate. That’s when all the nicknames come rolling in, like ‘Frizzy’ and ‘Scary Spice’.

1. “PIVOT”

Number 1 and my all time favourite moment has to be “PIVOT”!
I don’t know it is about this scene, but I can’t get enough of it. It is so funny that it makes me cry laugh every time! 

There we have it, my friends, they are my TOP 10 FAVOURITE FRIENDS MOMENTS! I hope you enjoy them, and if you want to see more of my favourite friends moments then give this post a like and share too!

Before I go, I just want to wish my bestfriend a VERY HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY, I hope your day was full of lots of laughter. This post is dedicated to you!

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