August Favourites!

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I really love this time of the month, gathering all my favourite things into one place makes me so excited. This month some of the things on my list are slightly out of the ordinary, I hope you enjoy.

August Favourites

The Bold Type –

The show has a very strong female lead and it’s great. I have not seen a show recently like it, which is quite refreshing. 
The show is about 3 girls who are bestfriends and all work for the magazine Scarlett but in different fields. We have Jane Sloan a writer, Kat Edison social media director, and Sutton Brady an assistant. The show follows the adventure of the three girls from their relationships through to their journey at the magazine.
Every time I watch an episode, it always inspires me to write! The last episode of season 1 is to air this Tuesday coming, September 5th! So go give it a watch and I hope you enjoy it!

Dylan Scott –

Dylan Scott is a country singer/songwriter. He has been releasing music since 2013, but I have only recently come across him. Last year he released his debut self-titled studio album, which was at number 5 on the Top Country Album charts, and this year he released a Deluxe Edition which included an additional 3 more songs.
I am so in love with this album. There is a right mixture of style of song on this album, some upbeat, some slow, but what they all have in common is that they’re all very catchy. They’re the type of songs that make me want to sing at the top of my lungs. 
My favourite songs on the album are: Sleeping Beauty, Do You Think About Me, and Freak Show!

You can check out his album here:
Follow him on Twitter here: @DylanScottCntry

Emoji Cups –

I am a big fan of the emojis; I often find it hard to write a message without actually using one. I often worry that I may sound quite sarcastic or uninterested when I send people messages so throwing in the cry laughing emoji, or the smiley face really helps me set the right tone.
These cups were a gift from my God mum and I love them. They are the perfect size for a good cup of tea, not too big or too small, and the design is just the cutest too!

Emoji Cups, Tia-Maria Hope, Gossip & Giggles with T

Tomato and Mayonaise Sandwiches – 

Okay, so this definitely one of the most random things ever. But, I am OBSESSED. I would share a photo of the incredible sandwich but I have run out of Tomatoes. This sandwich is honestly the best sandwich ever and it is so quick and easy to make.
1.You get two slices of white bread, and you spread mayonnaise on the slices of bread. 2.Then you slice the tomato and when you do this make sure you finely cut them because it makes it easier for you to eat it. 
3.Lay the tomato slices evenly on one slice of mayo bread and then put the other slice on top.
Give it a try and tell me what you think! I LOVE IT.

54-in-1 Cake Decorating Piping Nozzles

I have been experimenting making cupcakes lately and I have loved it. I wanted to improve my icing skills though, so I got this kit off Amazon.
In this cake decorating kit you get 48 piping nozzles, 3 re-useable Piping Bags, 3 re-useable couplers.
The kit is great, you get a large range of nozzles to choose from all different shapes, and the reusable bags are great quality too. The bags come in 3 different sizes and they are quite thick too so they won’t tear.
The kit was on sale, so I got it for £8.99 which is so cheap considering what you get. 

You can get your kit here:

Zarco 54 in 1 Cake Decorating

Pulled – The Addams Family Musical –

I have had this song stuck in my head for days and I am pretty sure my family are getting sick of hearing me singing it, but I can’t help myself. I first heard the song sung by Carrie Hope Fletcher, on her YouTube channel and I fell in love with it.
The song is in The Addams Family Musical, which is currently touring around the UK, starring Samantha Womack, Les Dennis, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Cameron Blakely, Oliver Ormson and many more incredibly talented people. I am yet to see the show, but I have heard great reviews.
If you would like to see the show you here is a link to their tour dates:

You can check out Carrie singing the song here:

Ottoman –

I am currently in the process of decorating my room and it is nicely coming along. There is still a lot that needs to be done, but I can start buying new furniture which is exciting. I recently purchased this black leather Ottoman from Argos and it is perfect. When I ordered it I thought it would be smaller than what it is and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to fit much in it for storage. So I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and was quite big and deep too. It has compartment divider which is perfect if you like to be organised. It is extremely sturdy, and safe to sit on too and I may have fallen asleep on it… it was really comfortable though. 
It only cost £19.99 which is a great price as these things can get pretty pricey!
You can buy the Ottoman here:


The Tide – Franklin Lake –

Last but not least, two very lovely guys I know have just released a single – The Tide. I am never disappointed when it comes to new music from Franklin Lake. They work SO hard and are so dedicated to their music and it really shows in every single they release. I am so proud of them and how far they have come. It would mean so much to me if you could check them out – 


Twitter: @FranklinLake_

The Tide Franklin Lake

But for now, that is all.

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You can check out my last post here: Orange and Chocolate Cupcakes!

Until Next Time!

Much Love,
– T x


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