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So… I have finally started making videos and uploading them on on YouTube!

This is all so insane and crazy. But, I did say a couple months back that I was going to do it and the time has finally come.

My YouTube channel and the videos I upload will be linked extremely when it comes to my blog. The videos I will be making will help with all the categories my blog covers so I will be discussing lifestyle topics, you will be able to watch me cook and bake too, and I will be doing beauty and fashion hauls and tutorials on there.


You can watch it here:


It would mean a lot if you could subscribe, like and leave a comment on the video of videos you want me to do and questions you would like to ask me for my first Q&A.

I really hope you enjoy and follow me on this crazy journey!

Much Love,
– T xo


7 thoughts on “I HAVE STARTED YOUTUBE!

Add yours

  1. I love your first video, my question for you question and answer What is your favourite movie and tv shows?
    I think your next video should be tv shows you would recommend!


  2. Hey T my question for your q & a is you said that your wanted to be an actress when did you realise you wanted to do acting, did you manage to do any acting, and is it something you still want to do? Can’t wait to see your future videos (:

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