My Favourite Curly Hair Care Products

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Having curly hair is extremely hard to maintain and takes a lot of time to keep great too. There aren’t many products or items that I use to help maintain my hair, but the ones I do use, really help keep my hair looking healthy, shiny, and most of curly and NOT frizzy! I will try and link where to purchase these products and I hope they come to good use for you!

TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner –

For years growing up I never used Shampoo in my hair, because shampoo only makes curly hair more knotted than what it really is when you go to wash it. The only thing I ever used was warm water and a LOAD of conditioner! However, in the last few years started to use it again and oh…my…goodness. This shampoo has done my hair the world of good. I like to use the ‘Salon Silk Shampoo’ because it reduces the frizz in the hair. It’s made my hair look incredibly healthy and my dark brown hair is now richer than ever.
The conditioner is one I have always used on my hair. It makes getting the knots out extremely easy, makes my hair shine. Not only that, it also makes it smell great! 

TRESemme Shampoo &amp

Shampoo Salon Silk:


 Afro Comb –

This comb is a life saver! I always used a large hairbrush when I brushed my hair and I realised that it was doing my hair no good. Although it detangled my hair, it was also loosening my curls, making my curly hair frizzy and flat. This afro comb, however, doesn’t do that. It takes a little longer to get knots out, but it keeps my curls intact and it also gives my hair volume too! I only ever comb my hair when it’s wet though, or I end up with an Afro.

Afro Comb - Curly Hair Care Products - Gossip &amp

Afro Comb:

Sof’n’Free Oil Moisturiser

This is one of the best moisturisers for curly and afro hair! You apply this after the hair has been washed and is drying. The moisturizer keeps your hair looking healthy and really helps really keep your hair curly and not frizzy.

You can purchase it here:

Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturiser Hair Lotion

This is the other moisturiser that I absolutely love! It is great for my hair, it keeps it looking healthy, enriches my hair colour, and stops it from going frizzy. It’s also great when it comes to styling the hair too, without having to use products such as hairspray.

Luster's Pink Oil Moisturiser Hair Lotion - Curly Hair Care Products - Gossip and Giggles with T

You can purchase it here:

Boar Brush

The one struggle I face having curly hair is having bumps and stands of hair out of place when it is being tied back. I love it when I have a curly ponytail but I can’t stand the hair that won’t go flat. This brush pretty much solves this issue. It not only keeps those hairs in place, but it means that I don’t have to have straight hair to have a ponytail. It helps make my hair look neat and it also makes it feel a lot lighter on my head too!

Boar Brush - Curly Hair Care Products - Gossip and Giggles with T

I am unsure where I got my brush from but you can get one here:

But for now, that is all.

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