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Making dinner has never been something I have done much of, simply because I have no confidence in myself. I have this terrible phobia of food poisoning and although I have never given it to myself, I have had it and it really sucks. As you can imagine, with this phobia, I am extremely cautious with the food I eat and I have no faith in myself to actually cook something, without it making me ill.

That being said, when I started this blog the first thing I learnt to cook was Spaghetti Bolognese. I thought that maybe I could live off this for the rest of my life, but even as someone who’s obsessed with the dish, there is only so much Spag Bol I can take in a week.

Quick & Easy Dinners

Quick and Easy Dinners is a new segment I am introducing to the Cooking & Baking category. I will be creating new and experimenting with old dishes making recipes easier to follow and quick to whip up! I will be sharing tips I have learnt along the way too!

The first meal I will be sharing with you is my –

Tomato Basil Pasta

This meal is extremely easy to make and only takes 15 minutes!
Although this meal may be very simple, it is certainly filling and mouthwatering. It will make you want to go back for more. The pasta mixed with the chopped tomatoes, accompanied with a hint of basil, will send your taste buds crazy!



  • Penne Pasta – 2 or 3 handfuls should be plenty for 1 or 2 people
  • Chopped Tomatoes – 1/2 a tin/cartoon will be plenty
  • Basil – 2 Pinches plus a couple of leaves to garnish
  • Pinch of Salt and Pepper 
  • Grated Mature Cheddar Cheese (or Cheese to your tasting)


~Tip 1~
Boil the kettle, doing this will speed up the boiling process and the cooking of the pasta.

Step 1) Once the kettle is boiled pour into a pan, and put that pan on a high heat. Then add the pasta to the boiling water. – Remember to keep stirring the pasta so it doesn’t stick to the pan!

~Tip 2~
When you aren’t stirring the pasta, place the wooden spoon on top of the pan, this will keep the water in control and will stop it bubbling over the top of the pan. 

Step 2) Whilst the pasta is cooking, place another pan on the hob and pour half the tin or carton of chopped tomatoes into it. You will want this on a low heat because you are only heating it up. Don’t let it boil or overcook it.

~Tip 3~
Refrigerate the rest of the unused Chopped Tomatoes, you can use that when you make the meal again!

Step 3) Whilst the pasta is cooking and the chopped tomatoes are heating up, chop up the Basil. Remember to leave a bit to garnish the meal. Add the chopped basil and a pinch of salt and pepper to the chopped tomatoes! Mix well and continue to allow it to heat up.

Step 4) When the pasta is cooked, drain it and put it back in the pan. Add the Chopped Tomatoes to that pan and mix it together. Make sure the pasta is covered in the chopped tomatoes well.

Step 5) Place the pasta in a bowl, grate some cheese on top, and garnish with Basil!

But for now, that is all.

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Until Next Time!

Much Love,
– T x


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