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I have had a blast this last month watching new shows and movies! I never tend to watch programmes or movies I have never seen before because I hate not knowing what’s going to happen next. I usually just watch reruns or old tv shows/movies that way I can always google it and ruin it for myself. However, this last month, I chose to give it a chance and I chose to watch both new shows and movies I haven’t seen!


Reality High – 

This movie only recently came out and I wasn’t so sure that I would actually like it, but I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed it. It is about a girl who’s distant from the social media front – she focuses on her education and helping at the vet clinic. She has been crushing on the popular athlete for forever and is later befriended by her ex bestfriend who is extremely popular on Social Media. She grows to love the attention from people and the new budding friendship until it is later revealed that it is not as genuine as she may think.
The movie covered a lot of big and important topics that everyone in this day and age is faced with especially younger people in school. I am very happy that I gave it a chance and that I watched it and recommend for you to watch it too.

Reality High - imdb - What I've Been Watching On Netflix September 2017 - Gossip and Giggles with T
REF: Reality High – imdb

Jingle All The Way –

Although I have seen this movie, I had to add it to this list this month. Everyone must know by now that I am a HUGE fan of Christmas and although I have been watching Christmas movies all year, it was the day I watched this where I really felt like it is that time of year… finally!
Jingle all the way is a very funny Christmas movie based on a man who’s spent the whole year and the build-up to Christmas working. He works so much that he never gets to see his wife and son, so when he goes to get his son a present he’s really wanted he finds out they have sold out. So he does everything he can possibly do to get him this toy.
It really is a feel good, family, laugh out loud kind of film and it has really got me in that Christmas spirit!

Jingle All The Way - imdb - What I've Been Watching On Netflix September 2017 - Gossip and Giggles with T
REF: Jingle All The Way – imdb

Full House – 

Every time I open Netflix this TV Series would always pop up, and I would always be like oh no. But, one afternoon I decided to put it on and I have watched a couple of episodes a night since.
The series originally came out in 1987 – 1995 and then was rebooted again with a lot of the original cast still in it in 2016. I am yet to watch Fuller House (the rebooted series) because I haven’t finished Full House, but I am sure it is just as good!
Full House is about sisters, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner, who are being brought up by their widowed Father, Danny, their Uncle Jessie, and Danny’s bestfriend Joey!
It is a very funny show, with a lot of great one-liners that you’ll end up using in your everyday life like “you got it, dude”.

You Got It Dude - Michelle Tanner - Olsen Twins - Full House

The cast included the Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, as the youngest sister Michelle, Candace Cameron as DJ, Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie, John Stamos as Uncle Jessie, Dave Coulier as Joey, and Bob Saget at Danny.

Full House - imdb - What I've Been Watching On Netflix September 2017
REF: Full House – imdb

1 Night – 

I really loved this movie. Just everything about it from the acting, to the storyline to even the music, was just perfect.
Without spoiling anything, it is about 2 couples and 1 night, in the same hotel. One of the couples are childhood friends who spend the aftermath of their high school prom together, and the other is a couple who are in their thirties who are trying to rekindle their relationship.
It is one of the best Romance/Drama films I have seen in a long time and I would definitely give it a watch if I were you!

1 night - imdb - What I've Been Watching On Netflix September 2017
1 night – imdb

Kevin Hart – What Now? –

I have never seen anything with Kevin Hart in it, only ever chat show interviews, to be honest. But, I saw this on Netflix and I thought, well I may as well give it a try.
I laughed so hard and so much that I was crying throughout, I spat water out everywhere and I was even short of breath.
If you had to watch anything off this list, you have to pick this! It will make you forget everything that is going on in your life and for an hour and 36 minutes, you will have the best time of your life!

Kevin Hart What Now - imdb - What I've Been Watching On Netflix September 2017
REF: Kevin Hart What Now – imdb

Greenhouse Academy –

I was so excited for this show to come out – I watched the trailer they released on Netflix and it looked so good. I ended up watching the whole series in a day, what else are you supposed to do when you got the flu? 
I really enjoyed the series, it has got a good storyline, and at the end of each episode, I felt like I really needed to know what happens next. The casting for the show is great, each actor played their characters really well! It is definitely more of a teen series though!
The show is about rival dormitories at Greenhouse Academy who go head to head multiple times throughout the show. During their time at the academy, they fall in love, get in trouble with the police, and uncover a secret about their parents. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a season 2!

Green House Academy - Netflix Original - imdb - What I've Been Watching On Netflix September 2017
REF: Greenhouse Academy – Netflix Original – imdb

Fame –

I can not believe I have never seen Fame before. This movie is right up my street. For those who don’t know, musical theatre (singing, dancing, acting) is a passion of mine. I have always loved it, which again brings me to the question: “How have I never seen it before?!” There are two versions of this film, 1980’s and 2009, on Netflix at the moment they have the 2009 version and I think it is great!
Now, if you’re like me and was in the dark about this film for years, let me tell you what it’s about! A group of students audition to join the New York Academy of Performing Arts and those that get in have to do all they can to stay in, which includes working hard, putting the time in, and being the best at it – so they can reach their dreams. Some can cut it, and some… well have to pack up their dreams and move home. 
I fell in love with this movie and I am ready to watch it on repeat for the next month! Go give it a watch it’ll make you want to get up sing, dance, and act!

Fame 2009 - IMDB Picture - What I've Been Watching On Netflix September 2017
REF: Fame 2009 – imdb


I hope you enjoy my selection of TV Shows/Movies I have been watching on Netflix this last month! Go give them a watch and tell me what you think!
If you have been watching anything on Netflix recently that I may be interested in watching then be sure to let me know – either leave me a comment or, tweet me on Twitter!

But for now, that is all.

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