September Favourites! | 2017

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During the month of September, there has been a development with my excitement for Christmas, I have been non-stop planning and writing my VERY FIRST Novel, and a new spark of love has come about for someone who has inspired me from a very young age…

Here are my September Favourites 2017 –


Notebooks –

I have a real addiction to notebooks! I go through them like there is no tomorrow. Because of how many I buy, I often go for the cheapest, otherwise, I would be spending hundreds on notepads in a year! My mum, however, picked me these up whilst she was in … and I love them.
They both have a good amount of pages per book, and the quality of them are really good too. The pages are thick, meaning they don’t tear as easy which is great, especially if you’re someone who carries their pads around in their bags a lot.

They are both currently on sale! So get them cheap while you can here:

A5 Case Bound Look Out World Notebook:

im not weird notebook

A5 Flexibound Not Weird Limited Edition Notebook:

look out world notebook

Keyboard –

I was given this keyboard probably about 10 or so years ago and I often go through phases where I will use it all the time then not at all. However, this last month I have been really eager to learn and to play it more. I love playing it

Due to how old the keyboard is I am unable to find the exact one.
The name of the Keyboard is: Yamaha – so any in that brand I would highly recommend!

Yamaha Keyboard

Miley Cyrus –

Growing up Miley was the girl I wished I could be. From her days on Disney, to the movies she’s been in, to Wrecking Ball, and till now. I have alway’s loved her. I admire the woman she is now and I admired the woman she was back then too. 
This last month I have a little more in love with her. She recently released a new album called Younger Now, of which I am obsessed with!! In the lead-up, to the release, she has been doing: Interviews, BBC Live Lounge, and Live Streams, and I am LOVING IT!

To Miley, Congratulations on your release, and to you, you have to go give her new album a listen!!


Mince Pies!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and boy am I jolly! The time is coming, and by ‘the time’ that’s right I mean, CHRISTMAS! I am SO excited!! The cold and dark nights, Christmas movies, hot chocolate and of course Mince Pies!
I had my first mince pie of the season this month and it was great! I have never enjoyed something so much! If I could eat them all year round I would! In fact… I am going to learn to make them before this season is up!

Mince Pie.JPG

Post-It-Notes –

Now, I know this may be a strange one, but this month they have been so handy! I really underestimated how useful they actually are! I have recently started writing a novel, and to do so took a lot of storyboarding. My storyboard is currently FULL of post-it-notes! Since I started using them for that I have gone post-it-note crazy!

post it notes

Jack Whitehall – Travels With My Father!

I absolutely adore Jack Whitehall and I was so excited for this show to be released because I know how funny Jack and his father are when they are together. I have only seen a couple of episodes so far, and I am not disappointed. The show follows Jack and his father as they travel around Southeast Asia experiencing the different cultures.
It has got to be one of the funniest show’s I have watched in a very long time!
(I will do a full review on the show as a part of my “What I’ve Been Watching On Netflix” when I have finished the show – In the meantime, you can catch other movies and TV shows I have been watch on Netflix here: What I’ve Been Watching On Netflix | September 2017)

The show is on Netflix currently!


But for now, that is all.

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Until Next Time!

Much Love,
– Tx



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