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It is currently 23:57pm and here I am writing a blog post. I never usually write blog posts this late at night because I know when I wake up and check it there will be tons of grammar and spelling mistakes, and most of the post won’t make sense. But, this subject matter has been playing on my mind, and the only way I would get a second of sleep is if I wrote it down.

Recently finding the balance of writing has become a struggle.
Some of you may know, the majority of you may not know – I am writing my first ever Novel! I have been planning this novel for a little over a year now and I am finally in the process of actually writing it. I originally came up with this idea for the story about 3 years ago, but I was so tied under with exams I didn’t get round to writing it. Then about a year ago I started writing, stopped and then decided I was going to do it properly and spent months planning it and now I am writing it. I am so excited to finally be writing it and at every chance I get that is all I want to be doing. 

However, with me spending all my time on writing it has affected my blog. I have found that I am not giving my blog all the attention it deserves, I feel blog posts have been sloppy and I am not uploading consistently. Now, this is something that stresses me out a lot. I always aim for everything I do to be perfect. I always want to put 100% into everything I do, but doing multiple things at once it makes it hard to put 100% into both and I don’t want to produce an awful book but I don’t want to produce crap content.

I know that there are a lot of things that I could do to resolve this situation and if you are like me and stuck on this issue, some of the things I tried doing:

Have a schedule – having a schedule will make it easier to stick to things. Allows you to be more organised. Not take on too much work – by doing this you’ll have more time to do all the tasks at hand.

Not take on too much work – by doing this you’ll have more time to do all the tasks at hand.

Don’t try so hard – doing so relives the added pressure you’re putting on yourself.

I am sure there are many things you can be doing to help you round this problem, but I think these are the ones that have helped me most. Having a schedule has given me structure and it’s helped me stay focused as well as bringing out my creativity more. Not taking on so much work has relieved me of the stress. I have decided I will be changing my upload day to Sunday at 9am. I will be uploading once a week, but I will be planning surprise uploads throughout the weeks. And, I’m not going to try so hard. Although I want everything to be perfect, I have learned that not everything will be. I started this blog because I enjoy writing, and I don’t want to get lost from that.

The one thing I have gained from this struggle is that I have learned just how much I enjoy writing and creating content. It has really highlighted my love for this blog, and for being creative. I have so many ideas for this blog and I can’t wait to share them with you.

If you fancy a chat come speak to me on my twitter: @TiaMariaHope

But for now, that is all.

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