The Best Christmas Movies Part 1 (The Classics)

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One of the greatest things about Christmas time is the movies that come along with it. There are so many different types of Christmas movies out there, but nothing beats a classic movie. Today I thought it would be cool to share with you my favourite ‘classic Christmas movies’. (These are in no particular order)

Movie Number 1: Home Alone.

The first movie is one of the greatest Christmas movies out there. It’s family friendly, funny, comedic, and just so original. I enjoy every time I watch it and I don’t think there is a year where I have not watched it during the Christmas season. I would be extremely shocked if you’ve not seen it. But, if you haven’t it’ll make you laugh, cry, and come up with some brilliant ways to prank your siblings! Haha…

Movie Number 2 – Elf.

I LOVE ELF. This movie really puts me in such a festive mood!! I very much so believe in Santa Clause, so this film is right up my street. The ending especially gets me every time – with everyone singing and the sleigh flying and when Buddy gets excited when he finds out Santa is coming to town…Ahh…I just l.o.v.e it.

Movie Number 3 – Love Actually.

This is probably one of the greatest Christmas romantic comedy-drama movies out there. I don’t think any film really tops this one. It’s so beautifully made, each storyline is really well thought out – even though we never really found out what happened with Harry and Karen – Although, what I did love is how each storyline intertwines with one another… somehow. Oh and the soundtrack for this movie is just incredible. This is a definite must watch at this time of year. (And, if I am correct, the movie will actually be on Netflix UK today (15th December) so go watch it!!) 

Movie Number 4 – The Santa Clause 1, 2, and 3.

Now, this trilogy is probably the only trilogy out there where I actually love all three films. I am yet to watch them this Christmas season… maybe I’ll binge them tonight. But, honestly,  I can’t get enough of them. It’s humorous, easy to follow, and just such enjoyable Christmas movies. I love watching them back to back and following the timeline of Scott’s journey as Santa Clause. You have to watch them if you haven’t! I’m still crossing my fingers that they’ll bring out a fourth in the near future!! 

Movie Number 5 – Miracle On 34th Street.

I have only recently come about this movie and OH. MY. GOD. What a beautiful movie. I felt so many emotions whilst watching this movie, I even cried a couple of times throughout! I feel like this is such a really great movie for both believers and non-believers in Santa Clause. It really shows that not everyone believes in him and that’s OK, but just because you don’t believe doesn’t mean he’s not real – This is highlighted in my favourite scene, of which you can watch below!

Movie Number 6 – The Grinch.

I was never really into the whole Grinch thing, I found the movie quite scary when I was younger. But as I got older it really grew on me and is definitely up there in my top 5 favourite Christmas movies. I find the movie extremely funny, particularly the ‘I hate you scene’ – but also a little sad and educational too because it shows the effects bullying can have on someone. It is 100% worth a watch!

Movie Number 7 – The Polar Express.

My first memories of watching this film were when I was in primary school, so I was not older than 6 years old. In the last 12 or so years, I have watched this movie at least a couple of times a year. It is one that never gets old and always feels so magical and mysterious too. This is definitely a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day movie, I will definitely be watching it for the 4th time this year on Christmas Eve! 

There we have it. Those I believe are some of the greatest Christmas classic movies ever made! If you have any other classic Christmas movies that you think should be on the list leave me a comment below.

You should definitely check out all these movies and I hope they bring you joy, happiness and make you feel festive too!
Keep your eyes peeled, because I will be doing a PART 2 – These will include my favourite Christmas ROM-COMs!

But for now, that is all.

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