The Best Christmas Movies Part 2 (Rom-Coms – Hallmark Edition)

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Now, a few days ago I shared with you some of my favourite Christmas Classic movies when I originally wrote that post I had loads of movies I wanted to share with you when I noticed – half were classic movies and the other half are Hallmark movies! Which gave me the idea to do two separate posts.

Now I love Hallmark movies, I mean I am obsessed with them. I would watch them all day every day if I could. They’re just the perfect movies to get cosy too, pig out and just watch. If you’ve never seen a Hallmark movie then you’re missing out. 

So what I have done is picked 5 of my favourite Christmassy Hallmark movies to share with you. These are in no particular order!

Movie 1: Once Upon a Holiday

I was shocked at how much I actually liked this movie. I’ve watched it more times than anyone should ever watch a film. I can not get over the ending! It’s all about a Princess who’s visiting New York, and whilst she’s there all she wants to do is go to the art museum. But her royal duties are stopping her from doing so. She uses her only opportunity to escape her security and ends up roaming the streets of New York, with no money, no phone, and no clue where she is heading. I don’t want to spoil what happens, but it’s such a wonderful movie. I think any movie that includes some sort of Royalty in it always wins me over! This is a definite must watch.

Movie 2: Murder, She Baked – A Plum Pudding Mystery

This movie is different to others on this list. This movie is the second of five Murder, She Baked movies. However, this is set around Christmas time and although it’s more of a murder mystery type of movie, there is also a lot of Romance and Comedy involved. The movies are all about a baker called Hannah who finds a dead body and takes it upon herself to help find the killer, despite Detective Mike Kingston tell her not to. And while that’s going on, her mother is setting her up with her friend’s son, Norman.

Movie 3: A Christmas To Remember

This is a beautiful film about a woman who’s driving to a retreat in a small town, so she can destress. However, due to the blizzard, she crashes her car and when she wakes up she ends up crashing her car. When she finally comes round a grieving widowed father has taken her in and they both spend the holiday healing one another. It’s such a beautiful, romantic Christmas film!

Movie 4: A Christmas Detour

Like I’ve previously said I’m a big fan of Candace Cameron Bure and this is one of my favourite films of her’s! It’s all about a woman who’s going to meet her fiancé’s parents for the first time before they get married! However, due to the weather, she gets stranded with another man and very loved up couple. I really loved this movie. It was actually this that inspired me to create a vision board, but also accept that things don’t always go as planned.

Movie 5: A Royal Christmas

This is another cosy and lovely Christmas movie, all about a Prince who’s the heir of Queen Isadora of Cordinia, who wishes to marry a seamstress from Philadelphia, but his mother has other plans for her son’s future. Like I said before any movie with some sort of Royalty is a win for me, but adding Christmas into the mix takes that love to a whole new level!

I really hope you all check out these movies, I think they’re great. I love the Hallmark Channel and their sister Channel of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! If you like to watch these types of movies, leave a comment telling me which type of movie is your favourite!

But for now, that is all.

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