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Dancing on Ice returned this year and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t express how devastated I was when the show ended back in 2014, Sunday’s were just not the same… of course that all changed though, on the 7th January and boy am I glad.

A lot of things are very different with this 10th season, and normally change would send me gliding in the opposite direction. But, I’ve stuck around, and I’m slowly getting used to it.

Let’s start off with one of the biggest changes and that’s the judging panel. There is no judge I love more than Jason Gardiner. He is so real and just brutally honest that I feel like without him and that trait these skaters wouldn’t improve. I am 100% for criticism because it makes you better at what you do. So I am so glad he’s made a return.
The newest member added, being Diversity’s Ashley Banjo, I think is a fabulous addition to the panel. With Ashley’s previous participation in a competition, his dancing background, and experience as a judge on Sky 1’s Got To Dance put’s him in the perfect position to judge the couples, especially when it comes to the choreography side of the performances. 
Lastly, the oh so incredible, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have joined the Judging Panel. Now, I’m not going to lie, I was a tad dubious about this change because of 1. I loved the opening performances by the pair, but I am slightly loving the group performances. (Particularly because it’s been my only chance to see my fave, Matt Evers, dance!) 2. I felt like them as a trainer, alongside Karen Barber, meant for high-quality performances. However, the professional skaters haven’t let me down with their routines just yet.

Dancing On Ice Judges
REF: Dancing On Ice Instagram  (Left to Right: Ashley Banjo, Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, and Jason Gardiner)

The next change that I thought was going to be so weird was the Ice rink. I am still not convinced that I like it, I mean, I am definitely getting used to it… it just might take me a while. But, I do think that it’s brilliant that they have the training rink linked to the performance rink and that Jordan Banjo is hosting backstage. However, it would be cool to have some more backstage clips incorporated into the live show. Even if it was something like an after skate interview. Now I know they have all that on the app, but I think it would be nice to show it during the show. 

I love that the professionals are coming up with the routines and that they are getting criticised as well as the celebs because not only does it make them better choreographers and trainers, but it also makes the competition more interesting and more about the actual ‘dancing on ice’ and not just about the celebrities.

Dancing On Ice Professional and Hosts
REF: Dancing On Ice Instagram – Dancing On Ice Professionals and Hosts!

I think it’s great that some of the professional skaters have returned too, like my absolute favourite Matt Evers. But, I also think that it’s great they have got some new pro’s in the comp because it gives other’s a chance to be apart of the best dancing show on ice!

Matt Evers - Dancing On Ice
REF: Matt Evers Instagram – Matt Evers Dancing On Ice
Mark Hanretty, Brianne Delcourt, Matt Evers - Dancing On Ice
REF: Matt Evers Instagram – Left to Right: Mark Hanretty, Brianne Delcourt, Matt Evers.

A couple of small things that I do miss though are them skating out of the tunnel before they perform as they are introduced, only because I think it begins the performance nicely.

I also miss the bows at the end of the performance because at times the end of the routine’s look kind of messy. So I think a solid start and finish is definitely what is needed.

Dancing On Ice Bow
Opening and Closing Bow of a routine. Picture: Matt Frost/ITV/REX 

I’ve noticed they’re slowly bringing it back, but the lap of honours with the flowers need to return for those who are kicked out. It does not seem right them just skating to the other celebrities. I think they should take in the applauds and enjoy that last moment on the ice.

Dancing On Ice, Lap of Honours, Flowers
Lap of Honours with Flowers. Picture: Matt Frost/ITV/REX

I also think that each week need’s some sort of theme and the routine has to include some sort of trick. Whether that be a jump, single spin, a prop added, or a specific lift. And, then I feel like it should be up to the pro’s to make their routine unique by still using that specific trick that everyone has to do. I think it would make the show a little more engaging and make it more challenging for the dancers, and increase the difficulty of the skating. 
I think it would be cool to bring back some old Dancing On Ice champions to perform a little routine as well. Just spice it up a bit and see if they’ve still got it.

Dancing On Ice celebs
REF: Dancing On Ice Instagram – The Celebrities.

Now for the question of who am I rooting for… and that is, of course, the amazing Jake Quickenden and Vanessa Bauer. I have been supporting Jake for as long as I can remember and through everything, so he’s the one who’s getting all my votes. I can’t begin to explain how amazed I am at how great he is at dancing on the ice, and I have my fingers crossed that he takes home that trophy!
Of course, those votes were shared with Candice Brown and Matt Evers before they left the show on the first night, which was gutting.
I feel like Donna is a bit of dark horse, and out of nowhere, she’ll be edging on 3rd or 2nd. But, for a runner-up, I think it’ll go to Kem. As long as he doesn’t let the fun side of the dance take over too much, he’ll smash it!

Have you been watching the show this year? Who’s your favourite? What are your thoughts on the show? Let me know in the comments below!

Come back next week to hear my thoughts on next Sunday’s episode, as the contestants face a triple skate off and double elimination!

But for now, that is all.

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