Dancing On Ice – Headbanger, Double Elimination and a Surprise Announcement. – Week 7

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What an episode of Dancing on Ice, we got everything from a double elimination, a surprise announcement, to a headbanger, and a performance from the incredible Camila Cabello! So, where do I start?

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I think I’ll start with the downer of the night and that being 2 couples having to leave the competition. I get so into the show that I always forget that at the end of the night someone has to leave, and I was gutted to be saying goodbye to Antony and Brandee, and Donna and Mark!
Antony brought so much fun to the competition, that it will be so weird not to see him skate on Sunday. Although my love for his fun routines, my favourite has to be the dance to ‘Songbird’. This song is one of my favourites of all time, and his skate was so clean and definitely one of his better performances, in terms of skating, throughout the series. However, him no longer needing to partake in the competition now allows him to rest and mend those ribs. So I wish you a speedy recovery Antony, and a huge congratulations to Him and Brandee on making it to Week 7!

I was a little shocked to see Donna and Mark leave on Sunday night as I was convinced she was a dark horse! I always really looked forward to their skates because Donna brought so much elegance to her performances and Marks choreography was always on point. My favourite skate of theirs has to be their Every Women routine!

Aswell as a double elimination, we were blessed with a live performance from the incredible Camila Cabello. I used to LOVE the live performances and the professionals skating around them as they sing. I feel like it would break up the show from repetitiveness, but by having the pro’s skate meant that it didn’t steer away from the element of the actual show. If you missed Camila’s performance you can watch it here –

On top of the Double Elimination, the contestants were faced with a ‘Judges Challenge’ and I couldn’t have been more excited to hear about it. This challenge was exactly what the couples needed and I am honestly bummed that they waited so long to throw it at them. The challenge was that they all had to do a step sequence from one end of the rink to the other, in unison, without having contact with their partner. I loved this for many reasons – 1. It gave the pro’s a chance to be more creative with their routines, 2. It gave us viewers something to look out for during the performance, and 3. It would challenge the celebrities and really help show which celebs are confident and have really grasped dancing on ice!
I think each celebrity tackled the challenge really well, but Brooke and Matej really knocked it out of the park. The choreography was great, the skating was great, the step sequence lifts… everything was just great. Despite the moment where they weren’t in sync during the sequence, Brooke and Matej have really improved and I really hope that she get’s far in this competition.

The headbanger, oh the headbanger. I am still in so much shock that Jake and Vanessa actually did the headbanger. Like I said before, Jake is my favourite to win, and for him to be doing a headbanger in week 7… with only having a few training sessions with Vanessa that week, (as she was struck by a virus), is insane, and I can not wait to see what they do on Sunday!  

Last but not least, we were given a surprise announcement on Sunday. It was one that I had been hoping for since the show began, and that being Jayne and Chris will be taking to the ice during the final, to skate together once again. I have such a large amount of love for the pair, and I can not wait to see them skate again! It will definitely be the perfect ending to the first season back!

If you want to hear more of my thoughts on the show, head over to my twitter page on Sunday at 6PM where I’ll be live tweeting! or come back to my blog next week to see my thoughts on the show!

But for now, that is all.

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