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It was Fairytale week last week and wow, wasn’t it magical. I am a sucker for a fairytale so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to this week, and it did not disappoint. We got another judge’s challenge, a performance from Disney On Ice, and we’re now down to 4 couples! So, before the semi-final starts tonight at 6PM on ITV, I’m going to share with you my thoughts on last weeks show.

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Let’s start with the judge’s challenge. This week the couples were asked to complete the ‘triple S’ which included a Spiral, a Salchow, and a Spin on 1 foot. I really liked this challenge because it is all about technique in the skating, and really show’s off the ability of the skaters. With only a short time to learn something so tough, I think that the contestants did really well at attempting it. If you want to see what a Triple S is, check out the video below where the celebrities begin to learn the moves and the professionals show you how it is done.
It’s funny because when it comes to these challenges I always think that it’ll be the end of the world and that they’d get in so much trouble if they weren’t to add it or do it correctly. But, in reality, it just meant that the would get a lower score. So not a big deal if you’re not interested in going all the way. Although, even if you didn’t want to go all the way, a chance to learn something you’ve never done before is always exciting and something you should jump at if the opportunity comes. 

I only thought watching Matt Evers dance on ice would make my heart burst. But I was so wrong. Disney On Ice has knocked him down to second, only by a smidge. I can not believe that in all these years of me loving dancing, Disney, ice and figure skating that I had never seen Disney On Ice. I mean I’d heard about it, but I thought it was just a child thing. But it’s far from being ‘just a child thing’, it is literally like magic on ice. It was such a pleasure to watch and I loved being able to sing along and enjoy the performances, simply perfect. If you would like to see Disney On Ice live, they are touring the UK, show’s starting in Glasgow on the 15th March 2018. See if they’re coming to your city here. Check out their performance below.

One thing I hate is saying goodbye to the skaters, especially towards the end of the competition. No one is safe, and it’s sad to see some great people go and last week it was Alex and Brianne’s turn to hang up their skates. My favourite routine of their’s and I think it was one of their strongest routines was to ‘All of Me’ on Love Week. Everything from the lift, to the speed, was done perfectly. It was all elegant, clean movements, and the moves fit so well to their music. It was so beautifully choreographed and performed. I loved it. I got to give it to the couple, not only did they train so hard, but for Alex to still continue his day job throughout the week and for Brianne to perform feeling under the weather, really showed their commitment. You can check out my favourite performance of their’s below!

I am over the moon for Brooke! Not only is she the last girl standing and made it to the final four, but she is improving so much. Each week I get more and more excited to see her performance, and it’s so great to see her really enjoying it, but also doing really well at it. She scored an amazing 30.0 points last weekend and is getting better as the weeks go by. I can’t wait to see how she get’s on, on this week’s show! Her performance last week was my favourite of the night, the choreography and the way they incorporated their characters into that was so unique and it was really enjoyable to watch. Although her ‘Triple S’ was not the best, she attempted it and I think as long as she tried, that’s the important thing! 

Technique wise, Jake Quickenden has it in the bag. He is just killing it each week, and I never know what more he’ll bring to the rink. And last week I was just in amazement at watching him skate. He has really thrown himself at this show and it’s really showing in his performances. He’s constantly taking in what the judges are saying each week and is adding to his abilities and skills instead of replacing them and is coming out each week and just surprising me with all this talent. There seems to be such a great partnership between Jake and Vanessa, and the choreography is always so on point. The speed of the routines and all the moves and lifts within them always sync up with the music perfectly. There are no bland moments throughout, the routine start to finish is so consistent. And I am so proud of them. 

With this week being the semi-final it really is the last chance to give it all they have to make it to the last stretch, but also to have as much fun as they can. I’d like to see fun Kem come out, a fast routine for Jake, a challenging one for Max possibly more lifts, and something a little slow for Brooke. But, I’ll just have to wait and see until tonight.

Head over to my twitter @TiaMariaHope where I’ll be tweeting along with the show, at 6PM on ITV. I hope to see you there.

But for now, that is all.

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