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Oh… My… Goodness… what a crazy semi-final! I feel like I went on an emotional rollercoaster throughout that! I was Yeeeehaaa’ing, biting my fingernails, screaming with joy, and then in floods of tears. Everyone brought their A game to the ice last night and I was loving it! We got everything from another Judges’ Challenge, to 2 skates from each couple, and a performance from Olympic silver medalist Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron!

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Click on the tweet below to see my first reactions to last night’s semi-final and continuing reading to hear my thoughts on the entire show!

I am going to kick this post off with my favourite performance of the night and that has got to be Jake and Vanessa’s skate to ‘Stay’! I was in tears throughout this routine, and for them to receive 10’s across the board was such an amazing moment, and I can’t begin to imagine how that must have felt for Jake. He has come so far with his skating throughout this competition, and it is so great to see him make it to the final! This routine was honestly out of this world, and you could really tell he was giving it his everything. If you missed the performance you can watch it below!

This week the contestants were thrown another tough judges’ challenge and one that I am thrilled that they did! In case you missed it the celebrities had to do a solo skate for 30 seconds. This was definitely the perfect time for this because it was a really good chance to see what the celebrities have learnt during their time on the show and allow them to show off what they can do!
Max in particular I think did the best at the solo skating! He really showed us what he is capable of doing on his own. He used great technique, there were no stopping and starting, and his moves were solid. He also seemed so confident, and I believe that really helped bring out an extremely strong solo performance from him.

Brooke and Matej blew me away with their performances throughout the night. I mean to get your highest score, and then to beat that score is just amazing. The one thing I truly love about Brooke is how she really wasn’t all the phased about the score of her second performance, despite it being her highest. And how that routine wasn’t about the competition but something for the people of Manchester. It really showed what a wonderful human being she is. I was so impressed with both her routines, she has come such a long way from Week 1, and to make it all the way through to the finals is just incredible. I was really impressed with her skate to ‘One Last Time’ and I can’t wait to see how she get’s on next week!

Last night we sadly said goodbye to Kem and Alex! I knew that this week it would be so hard to see any of the four go, and thankfully last night we got to see both sides of Kem before he left – his fun and excited self and the more reserved gentle side. His second performance has got to be my favourite performance of his, ever. It was just so beautiful to watch, and I didn’t feel on edge when he was doing lifts because he seemed so confident in doing them. It will be a shame not to see them next week, but I am glad that they made it this far! If you’re sad to see Kem go, don’t be, because he’ll be on the Dancing On Ice tour, and tickets are still available!

Now, I’ve already mentioned that I think Max’s solo routine was the best of the night, but I’ve also never felt so nervous watching him do a lift, I no longer have any fingernails. I don’t know if it was because he stopped and then did it, or what, but I honestly thought he was going to drop her. I think maybe if he was moving or spinning when he was doing it, it wouldn’t have looked like that, but I was terrified. I was also a tad disappointed with his second skate, I feel like he’s become very repetitive with his moves, he really needs to spice it up next week, especially with the lifts. I think Max has a lot more potential, so it’ll be interesting to see how he get’s on next week.

It is no secret that Jake is my favourite to win, and I am so proud that even after that lift he continued on with his performance. You could really tell that it knocked his confidence, and I know his solo skate would have been better if the lift hadn’t gone that way. And although I still really enjoyed his first skate, he really redeemed himself with his second and proved just what he is capable of. I am SO excited to see how he gets on next week, and fingers crossed he takes home that trophy!

Even though I am rooting for Jake and Vanessa I do believe that Max and Ale and Brooke and Matej are still in with the chance to take home that trophy. All three couples have improved massively and It only takes 1 mistake to lose out on that number 1 spot!

Lastly, we were graced with a performance from Olympic silver medalists Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron. I felt like I had fallen into another dimension watching them, it was just so satisfying. I could honestly watch them skate all day every day, they are both just insanely talented. I have rewatched their skate way too many times! In case you missed it, I have linked it below!

There we have it, my thoughts on last nights semi-final! I can’t believe how quickly this series has come round and gone again, but I am buzzing for the finals next week, I am sure it will be a great one to watch! We have a performance from the incredible Torvil and Dean, and if I am correct the finalists will be doing the famous Bolero! So make sure you head over to ITV on Sunday 11th March at 6PM to watch the final of the greatest show on ice!

But for now, that is all.

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