Dancing On Ice – The Final Review

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What an emotional final!
I don’t know about you, but I pretty much cried throughout the whole episode. It’s been SO good to have the show back on our screens, and I am counting down the days until the return of the next season.

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Before I get into my thoughts on the big final, here a few clips of my favourite moments throughout the whole show.

Where to start? The winner of Dancing on Ice 2018 maybe?
I am so proud of Jake Quickenden and Vanessa Bauer. They truly were incredible, and really did deserve to take home that trophy.

They gave it their everything each week and that showed in all their skates. For Jake to blend in so well during his group skate with the professionals I think just proves how amazing he has become at figure skating. I am so glad he chose to do a remake of his Jamiroquai routine because it’s such a fast and fun song and you could really tell how much he was enjoying himself whilst doing it in week 3. From week 3 to the finals, he’s become such a strong skater and has learnt so many new things on the ice, that remaking that routing just made it even more enjoyable and engaging. But, my all-time favourite routine he has ever done on that show has to be his bolero. I thought I was watching two professionals. It made me speechless, gave me goosebumps, and even made me cry. It truly was such a beautiful take on Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean’s original Bolero.

I am over the moon for Brooke and Matej! To take runners-up is amazing. She has come so far from her first skate to her last, and even on the night, she was doing better than the previous skate. To re-do her Sing, Sing, Sing skate was such a good choice. That original week 7 skate was where Brooke really came alive on the ice for the first time and gave such a strong performance, so it was so great to see her relive that exciting moment. However, her bolero… wow. I had never seen her skate as great as she did in that routine. It was beautifully choreographed and extremely well performed. Every time I watch it it makes me cry. Both Brook and Matej should be so proud of their journey on the show.

I’m not going to lie I was a little disappointed in Max’s skates of the night. I think his second skate was the better one out of the two. But I really do think there was something missing in that group one. I feel like he was lacking in performance and it seemed like he was constantly thinking of the next move, which was a shame because the routine looked like such a fun one. Nevertheless, he and Ale were very strong contenders in the competition. You could always tell he was hungry to take on more and the remake of his Week 2 skate really showed how much he has improved on the ice. Even though he didn’t get that lift up, he didn’t let that get to him. He continued on with the skate and performed it with such elegance. He seemed so much more committed to the performance in the second skate than he did in the first, and to come 3rd is not bad at all!

We were blessed with a skate from the legends themselves Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, and boy was it so emotional to watch. I had been waiting for them to get back on the ice for years and they did not disappoint. I get the same satisfaction out of watching them skate like I do when I binge watch my favourite show. I never want the performance to end. If you missed the oh-so-incredible moment they took to the ice, I’ll leave the link below. 

This season of Dancing on Ice was so great, it had many changes – some I loved, some not so much… at first. But all in all, it has been incredible. It’s sad to see this season come to an end, but I can’t wait for the next! It’s been an absolute pleasure watching, and voting each week. Class of 2018 will be one I’ll never forget! If you can’t wait for the next season, you can catch them on the Dancing on Ice UK tour! Tickets are still available!!

But for now, that is all.

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