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Now, if you’ve never seen or heard of Famous In Love, you’re probably thinking ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ and my answer to you is ‘Where have you been?!’


Famous in Love
Left to Right – Charlie DePew – Jake, Georgie Flores – Cassie, Bella Thorne – Paige, Niki Koss – Alexis, Keith Powers – Jordan, Carter Jenkins – Rainer, Pepi Sonuga – Tangey, and Perrey Reeves – Nina.


Famous In Love is the hot new TV series that is only days away from the release of Season 2, on Freeform, co-created and executive produced by the oh so incredible, I. Marlene King. Who also wrote, directed and produced the popular teen drama/mystery Pretty Little Liars, and Rebecca Serle, the author of the books!

The show is about Paige Townsen (without the ‘d’), who is persuaded by her best friend Cassie to audition with her for a new movie, ‘Locked’. Paige ends up landing the leading role, where not only does it later cause conflict between her and Cassie, but she also ends up in a complicated love triangle with her best friend Jake and co-star Rainer Devon.

Although the love triangle is the main plotline behind the show, the drama also includes a variety of different storylines amongst the rest of the cast. From prying reporters to secret romances and the “who’s my daddy” plot twist.

After binge-watching season 1, multiple times may I add, I realised I was slightly addicted to the show. Luckily for me, my prayers had been answered and season 2 is only days away! So, if you have not yet seen the series then stop reading right here, head on over to http://freeform.go.com/shows/famous-in-love/episodes and you can binge watch the FULL 1st season!


The next part of this post will contain spoilers from the first season

If you didn’t binge watch the show in a day then how did you cope? I skipped meals the first time I watched it. So where do I start?

We were left on such a cliffhanger, and with SO many questions that needed to be answered like, – Will Paige survive being the new ‘IT GIRL’ in Hollywood? Does Paige and Cassie’s broken friendship keep going downhill or, do they manage to piece it back together? Will Cassie still pursue her job as a topless maid? Who shot Barrett Hopper? Will the sex tape Alexis secretly recorded get her back on top in the acting world? Will Rainer be able to forgive his mother, Nina, for lying to him about who his Dad is? How will Rainer react to Jordan and his mother’s affair and will it be Tangey who lets the secret slip?

But, the one question on everyone’s mind is, who will Paige choose? Does she rip the tags off or does she throw up the ‘sign’?

Paige and Rainer, Bella Thorne and Carter Famous In Love.jpg
Famous in Love – Season 1, Episode 2 – Paige Townsen played by Bella Thorne and Rainer Devon played by Carter Jenkins

Let’s dive right in. In the last season, we saw Paige at first really struggle to get to grips with being the lead role in the movie. Not only does she have no other experience in the industry, she has to learn and adapt quickly to the way it works, as well as balancing college work on top of that. Paige is shown to be an extremely nervous character when it comes to expressing how she feels and meeting new people, this often results in her awkwardly babbling. Bella Thorne play’s this role so well, to the point where I actually feel so awkward for her when she’s in those situations.

But, as the show progressed we saw a real change in the way she was, although she is still learning a lot about the new world she is now in, she is just beginning to settle. She seems to be dealing with press questions a lot better, handling herself well and breaking out of her awkwardness. I am excited to see what she does next in season two and, how she deals with it then. It will be interesting to see her begin friendships while in the spotlight, as well as juggling the complicated friendships she has with Cassie and Jake. Will her newfound fame go straight to her head? Will she be able to cope with negative press and hate comments? Will she be able to really fit into the new world and how will she do it without her best friend Cassie, played by Georgie Flores, by her side all the time?

Moving on to her best friend Cassie, we really saw a big change in her throughout the show too. When the show began I really liked her, I thought she was an interesting character, until things started flying south. When she turned on Paige I was so shocked. Throughout the season we watched Paige go to Cassie for advice and whatever Cassie suggested doing Paige pretty much did it. For example, when Cassie said to rip the tags off with Jake, Paige did. But, when Cassie said that Paige should leave the tags on with Jake and follow things with Rainer, Paige did.

Now maybe Paige shouldn’t have listened to or followed her best friend’s advice, but come on girls, when your best friend gives you advice, especially about a guy, you take that advice. Am I right? So, when Cassie completely flips the whole “Jake is leaving because he didn’t get what he wanted with you” on to Paige, I thought that was bang out of order. When really it was all because of Cassie and her advice. Despite all this, I am really hoping that we see a whole new side to Cassie in season 2, maybe it’s her time for her big break because jealousy does not suit her. And, I really hope that her friendship with Paige pulls through because it would be super sad to see the two drift apart. I am also intrigued to see how things turn out with her hot new boyfriend Adam and how far she’ll go to make money.

Speaking of jealousy, Nina Devon takes revenge to a whole new level. In the very first episode, we are introduced to Nina, Producer and the mother of actor Rainer Devon. She comes across as a very strong, independent women whose got everything figured out, but throughout the season we see that she’s not altogether as we may think. Especially when the secret about who Rainer’s dad really is comes out. It did not surprise me that she lied to Rainer about who his Dad was, but what did was when she ended up asking newbie Paige to help and be there for Rainer through this tough time for him. It was almost like Paige and Nina had swapped role, I mean, at this point I was questioning what happened to the Paige who was a mess at the start of the show.

What I really couldn’t believe about Nina was when we first see her sleeping with Rainers best friend Jordan Wilding. Not because of the age gap, just simply because that is her SON’S BEST FRIEND! I never thought that the relationship between the pair was all that serious until Nina got crazy jealous when Jordan ended things so he could pursue things with Tangey.

We see Nina’s jealousy completely take over, as she sabotages their relationship by telling Tangey’s mum all about Jordan’s past and exposing his secret to her. She takes the ‘when she has a problem, she’ll deal with’ to a whole new level, but it in a weird way it kinda suits her.
We got a first hand of her dealing with her problems when in the first episode we see her pay Barrett Hopper, the invasive reporter for XPOSED gossip show, a visit on his lunch break. The reporter had been spreading negative press and was just one big story away from going global and was using Rainer to do that. Nina being Nina deals with the issue. So, when Barrett tells her that he is not going to stop she grabs his balls and proceeds to tell him that he will stop and if not she has people who would do a whole lot worse!

Which really makes me question, who is Nina Devon? Is she really this strong women? How far will she really go to deal with her problems or is it just a threat? Season 2 is going to be interesting with Nina because she is not like any of the other characters. She has this extremely dark and mysterious persona, and I think she is one of that reasons that make the show so intriguing because there really isn’t a villain in the show.

And that brings me onto to the biggest cliffhanger. Who shot Barrett Hopper?

I could not believe it when he got shot, I was really not expecting it. I’m not going to lie I was so looking forward to seeing him in the next season. Even though he was very invasive and at times I couldn’t stand him but he had this sass about him that made you hate but like him at the same time. I am however glad he was shot because it means that this following season is going to be so good and who doesn’t love a whodunnit?

So who do you think shot Barrett Hopper?
My number one suspect for killing him is Alan Mills, who is Rainer’s dad. Now, my theory is Jordan went Alan to ask him for help. Barrett only needed one storyline for him to go global and he already had an edited story of which he was going to release the night he was shot. However, when Jordan calls him and offers him an exclusive on his past and the truth behind him killing his mother’s ex-boyfriend, instead of the story he was going to release, Barrett seemed reluctant to actually take him up on his offer. Barrett’s original idea was to do a story on Rainer and why he’s gone off the wagon leading with Nina and Jordan’s affair. I think Jordan may have thought that his story on his past may not be enough for Barrett not to go with his original idea. So not wanting to hurt his best friend, and not wanting Rainer to find out him and Nina, Jordan goes to Alan and he tells Alan everything. I don’t think he would go to Nina about it because he’s been to Nina to get Barrett to stop talking about things and it only seems to get worse for him. So I think Jordan may think going to someone like Alan will mean the job will really get done.
Alan has only just found out that Rainer is his son, so I think despite what Alan thinks off Nina, he will want to protect his son. So he goes to Barrett’s studio and shoots him.

If we go back to that very last episode in the last 5-10 minutes, everyone but Rainer and Paige is late to the press conference. Then Nina comes in, Nina still seems more worried about her son and whether he would forgive her for the father thing and Jordan looks fairly happy and calm when the press conference is going on. For someone who is only moments away from outing his whole past and possibly be on his way to prison or even for someone who could have just killed someone you would, they would be a little more on edge and uneasy. But he seems like someone who’s just been told that all of his problems have gone away. Alan is the only one with motive and the only other one who turned up late to the press conference. I know that Barrett may have many enemies but throughout the entire season he was only targeting Rainer, which leads me to believe whoever did it, would do it to protect Rainer, and I think the only with the guts to do that would be Alan.

Moving on from the murder,  and the daddy issues, let’s talk about the 2 ladies in the show who are having career problems. 

Alexis and Tangey both seem to be going through issues when it comes to their career. With Alexis not being able to book another acting job, and Tangey wanting to take her music in another direction. It’s obvious that they are both struggling, which leads them to do what they think’s best. With Tangey going behind her mum/managers back, and Alexis secretly recording and leaking her very own sex tape, which makes me question, – what won’t these people do to be in the spotlight or to get what they want.

Now the love triangle with Paige, Jake and Rainer is the base storyline of season one and boy is it a good one.

You know by now, I am 100% Team Rainer, Team Raige. I think the two are so perfect for each other, but before I go into that, let’s start with the relationship with Jake and Paige.

Paige and Jake have been best friends for years, and when the season starts we see a clear romance between the two cooking up. With the advice from Cassie “to rip the tags off” the two kiss. However, because they never defined their relationship, it all get extremely complicated and stressful. When in theory, it didn’t need to be. Paige had a lot on her plate, she had just got the lead role, was juggling college, and still had to break the news to her parents about the movie, as well as wondering what is going on between her and Jake. Jake thought it would be easier for Paige if he was just her friend, which I think was the coward’s way out. If you like someone, TELL THEM! Jake telling Paige that really does just complicate things more and makes it all so confusing too. In one hand it gives Paige the impression that he doesn’t want to be with her, which technically means she’s got the green light to move on, but we see that at first, it’s not what she wants to do. But on the other hand, he still really likes her, which leads to him becoming jealous of the friendship she and Rainer have. I think what is worse about the whole Jaige relationship is the jealousy. She was jealous of him and Alexis and he was jealous of her and Rainer.

Paige had every right to be jealous of him and Alexis because she genuinely liked him and she wasn’t the one who ended things (before it had even really begun). But Jake on the other hand I think had no right to act the way he did. It was Jake who chose to not be honest about his feelings for and he was the one that moved on with Alexis. So it angers me that he was jealous of the ‘friendship’ that co-stars Paige and Rainer had. Although there was definitely fireworks between the pair, they were just working together. Jake clearly hated that. But, how can you be in a relationship with someone when you’re in love with someone else, I don’t know? But, Jake had no right to be upset or angry with Paige. Why is it right for Jake to see someone but not for Paige, not that she was anyway.

Raige, on the other hand, is the ship I have boarded, and I am not leaving. I at first didn’t know if Paige would fall for Rainer, simply because of how she felt about Jake. I quickly got over that feeling when Paige and Rainer nearly kissed. It was at that moment I knew that I was Team Raige.

What I love about Rainer is that although he has this reputation with women, when it came to Paige he was always very different. And even when his old ways crept back in every now and then like the necklace with the ‘P’ and when he wasn’t getting what he wanted so he turned on his charm for Xu YeFi, an actor on the movie they are shooting, you could see he was changing. It was always very clear that he has feelings for her, and I deep down believe that there were times where Paige felt the same way.

Starting from the first time he saw her out of the window it was obvious he was interested in her, just the way he watched her made my heart melt. Then when it came to the audition, as the two read the lines to each other it almost felt like there were fireworks in the room, sparks were flying and it wasn’t just down to their acting of August and Noah. However, the moment I really felt the pair’s connection was at the movie pre-production launch party and the surprise birthday party he threw her.

At the launch party, on the second episode of season 1, Rainer was really there for Paige. With Cassie doing all she can to avoid the man she was cleaning for taking Jake with her, left Rainer to help her out even to the point where he told her that the sign means ‘R’ in sign language which they use as a ‘Rescue’ symbol, and telling her if she was being hounded with questions and felt uncomfortable all she had to do is throw up the sign. And when the time came to it and she showed the sign to him, Rainer was right there for her like her very own knight in shining armour. If only we all had someone like that, and if that’s not goals, then I don’t know what is!

The second time and the time that made me go ‘wow, this guy is like the perfect guy ever’ and also when I thought she definitely likes him, was the surprise birthday party he planned her. He even went out of his way to get a party planner to help and I honestly was squealing at this point. Especially because of how Paige reacted when she saw the planner and Rainer together on set. I mean, you wouldn’t get jealous if you didn’t feel something for that guy? With Jake leaving, hand on my heart, I thought she was finally going to pick Rainer and I couldn’t have been happier. But of course, the 1st season couldn’t finish like that.

The show left us with one of the biggest questions ever, who will Paige choose? Jake, who came back, interrupting the press conference and confessing his undying love for her, or Rainer, who’s sitting there holding up the ‘sign’. I’m praying she picks Rainer, but I guess we’ll soon find out with Season 2 only a few days away.

You can catch the first episode of Season 2 on the Freeform channel on Wednesday 4th April 2018! 

But for now, that is all.

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