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I know this a little late in the month for a monthly favourite, but I really lost my writing mojo. I did pretty much anything I could do to inspire me to write and in the end, I managed to get it back. All it took was for me to just write absolute nonsense on my typewriter and to finish a task I had already started.
Anyway, the month of March consisted of music and T.V. shows and trying something new. So here’s a rundown of all the things I have loved during this last month!

Raised Under Grey Skies by JP Cooper – I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned before how much I love JP Cooper, and this last month I discovered he had released an album – Raised Under Grey Skies. This album includes the two songs that first made me fall in love the man – Passport Home and September Song, along with 18 new songs. What I love about JP is how unique his voice is and how he can make an upbeat song that makes you want to get up and dance, also make you feel so chilled out and relaxed. 
Other than the Passport Home and September Song my favourite songs on the album has to be All This Love and Momma’s Prayers ft Stormzy. This is the perfect album to listen to in this gorgeous weather we are currently having in the UK. He is 100% worth checking out. You can check the album out below!

NCIS – I made the silly decision to start watching NCIS from the beginning over the last few months, and to say I was addicted is an understatement. I have finally caught up now, and boy does it feel great! For those who don’t know, NCIS is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and is about a group of agents who solve crimes involving the Navy. I can’t tell you how much I fell in love the cast and their characters and the storylines too. I will, however, try as I will be writing a review on all of the 15 seasons of the show when the last two episodes air which will be sometime at the start of next month. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

NCIS - Season 1
NCIS Season 1

Spaghetti Bolognese – I think everyone knows that this is my all-time favourite meal! Now, it’s become a thing where I have to have Spag Bol at least once a week, but I was craving this meal like every day during March. So when I told my mum I would make it I went a little overboard with the quantity. (check out the image below) If you would like to see what I put in here is an old recipe of mine (Spaghetti Bolognese!), or I can create a new one. Just let me know in the comments below! 

Sound Intone i65 Headphones – I have been wanting a pair of headphones for ages, but I have always struggled with finding ones that are soft enough for my ears because I have quite sensitive ears when things are in or on top of them. After months of searching, I found these on Amazon and I was dubious about purchasing them, but I took the leap and oh-my-goodness! These are some of the best headphones I have purchased. Not only do they look great, the fold up so they are easy to put in your bag, the cable doesn’t get tangled, and they are so soft on the ears! The only fault is when you have music up too loud others can hear the music, but on the other hand, you can’t hear other people. So for £12.99, it’s pretty great and I highly recommend this, giving them a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Great Expectations – I have recently started reading this classic, and I am loving it. The only classic books I have read, well attempted to read, was Lord of the Flies and Of Mice and Men. I don’t think I managed to get round to reading the full books so I am taking another full swing at reading the classics, and Great Expectations is at the top of my list. I haven’t got round to reading the whole book yet, but of what I have read I am loving. 

Original Astral Cream – This cream does wonders for the skin. It makes it extremely smooth, helps clears up blemishes, and gives you this fresh feeling. I have been using this on and off for years, but only recently I’ve begun using it daily. What I also love about this product is that you can use it all over your body, and it still has the same effect. I’ve got quite sensitive skin so I’ve always struggled with finding a good moisturiser to use on it, and like I have said before this has worked wonders. You can purchase it at the supermarket or drug store.

That’s all for now!

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Dream Big and Never Stop Laughing -T xo


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