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There are a whole heap of shows that I used to watch whilst I was growing up, and most of which were pulled off air way too soon, and there are some I guess I just wish would come back. I tried my hardest not to contain spoilers for those who are yet to see the shows but on some, I just couldn’t help myself, so I apologise in advance.
This list is in no particular order and highly recommend each and every one of them!


Gavin and Stacey

First up, is an English show – Gavin and Stacey which was on the air from 2007 to 2010. Now, if you’re not from England, you’ll probably know James Corden from The Late Late Show with James Corden. But myself, on the other hand, James will always be Smithy from Gavin and Stacey. This sitcom brings me so much happiness, and although I know it’ll probably never happen, a reboot or even a special would be the best thing to happen to English T.V. This show is all about the long-distance relationship between Gavin, played by Mathew Horne, and Stacey, played by Joanna Page, along with the lives of Gavin’s best friend Smithy, played by James Corden and Stacey’s best friend Nessa, played by Ruth Jones. This is like my go-to programme to watch, the Christmas Special, in particular, is literally the greatest episode on TV.

Gavin and Stacey

White Collar

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this show in previous blog posts before, and there’s no doubt that I will probably mention it in future posts. I can’t quite figure out what it is about this show that I love so much – from the cast and their characters to the details in the storylines – it hooks me every time. The show stars Matt Bomer (Neal), Tim Dekay (Peter Burke), Willie Garson (Mozzie), Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke) and many more including Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis), Marsha Thomason (Diana), and Sharif Atkins (Clinton Jones). For those who don’t know about this show, you’ve got to watch it. It is all about con artist Neal Caffery who escapes a maximum security prison and end’s up getting caught by the same FBI agent who spent years trying to catch him the first time around. But instead of serving out another 4 years in prison, Neal asks Special Agent Peter Burke for a deal. I won’t go into too much detail about the storyline of the show because the plot twists are the best part. But what I can tell you is that this show will make you laugh, and at times make you cry, but most of all it’ll make you wish there were more seasons.
I think to have a 100% score on rotten tomatoes I think proves my point on how much of a great show this is. It is available on Netflix right now, so catch it on there before it is too late. 

White Collar

Britannia High

I often feel like no-one knows about this show, and it makes me so sad. This is one of the greatest drama musical T.V. show’s that has ever been created, and I am gutted that it was only picked up for 1 season. It was all about a group of students who are studying at this theatre school in London called Britannia High. It was because of this show that made me really fall in love with the theatre, mainly musical theatre. I remember always saying that I want to be an actor on EastEnders, but when I saw this show all I wanted to do was sing, dance, and act on a stage. To kind of get the idea of what this show was like it’s kind of an English version of Fame but as a TV series.
I believe the full first season is available to purchase on Amazon, so if you’re into that genre you have to go get it. If you ever watched this show let me know in the comments below!

Britannia High


This show was so different and extremely unique, which is what made me love the show so much. I have really grown to love fictional shows that include the FBI or the police, so when I found out about this show I knew I was going to be addicted. But, I was so let down when I found out it was cancelled after the first season and that it wasn’t going to be picked up but Amazon or Netflix. This show is all about a guy who’s pretty much hit rock bottom, and his life was going nowhere. Until a friend introduces him to NZT, which basically enhances every single part of his brain, allowing him to perfectly recall and gain as much knowledge as he can in 12 hours. In those 12 hours he pretty much gains this superpower, but after taking the drug for so long you gain incredibly bad side-effects. Unless you take the immunity shot. 
I saw so much potential in the show and I really grew to love Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) and I was so excited to see what was going to happen next. From what I have read there is no hope for a second season, but I’ll still be wishing that someone changes their mind and brings this show back!


Gilmore Girls


Lorelai and Rory are literally Mother and Daughter goals. When the show originally ended the way it did I was SO annoyed. I was hoping that even when Rory turned Logan down that the two would end up together. Which is why I was so happy to see that Logan and Rory were still kinda together (not officially), even though Logan was set to marry someone else. I think that Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life is how the show was meant to end, but I still NEED more. I need to know what happens next for Rory, and I am praying that Logan is involved. I feel like of all the shows on this list this is the one that has more of a chance coming back.

Gilmore Girls.jpg


I’ll be wanting a Friends reunion until the day I die. I don’t think there will ever come a time where I wouldn’t want one. I binge watch the sitcom on a daily basis, with it being on Netflix it makes it a whole lot easier for me to do so. I am sure you all know what the show is about, and I would actually cry if you told me you didn’t. I’m not expecting another 10 seasons, 9 will do me!


If you know of any show that you think should make a come-back let me know in the comments below!

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