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The sun is shining in the UK, and we have a 3 day weekend thanks to the May Bank Holidays. So, 72 hours of fun, fun, fun. If you’re stuck for things to do I’ve listed a couple of things that I hope to be doing this weekend!

Bank Holiday Fun tiamariahope gossipandgiggleswitht

Spending time with Family and Friends

Family and friends are so important, so I’ll always jump at spending time with them and it’s even nicer to do so whilst the sun is shining and when no one is working! It costs nothing to chill out in the back garden or take a stroll to the park, so if you have the opportunity to spend the day, or even an hour with someone you love, do it!

Binge watch a TV Show or Movies

I think binge-watching movies and tv shows is definitely one of my favourite things to do. Just when I think I’ve got nothing to watch, something always does. I think my evenings will be spent with a bar of chocolate and a marvel marathon tonight or watching a show I found on Amazon Prime called Wildfire! If you’re looking for something to watch then I definitely recommend Wildfire if you’re into fictional shows about Horses, Rival Family Ranches, and Young Love! If not, you could check out my post – What I’ve Been Watching On Netflix! | March and April – where you’ll find a bunch of movies and shows I’ve been watching lately!

Bike Ride

With the weather finally picking up, I think morning bike rides are back on the cards. I used to ride my bike all the time until it completely broke down on me whilst I was on a bike ride to my friends years ago. But my brothers very kindly got me the bicycle of my dreams, and I now finally have a chance to take the bike out properly and I can’t wait. Riding a bike is the best kind of therapy. You don’t have a moment to think about anything and it makes you feel so free and refreshed. Plus, it’s a pretty good way to lose some weight too! So take advantage of the great weather, dust the cobwebs off your bike, and ride around! 

Catching a tan

I’ve been looking so pale recently, so sunbathing is how I’ll probably be spending a lot of my time this weekend. The best thing about sunbathing is just being able to lie in the garden, with the music on, and everything else going on in your life is stuck inside the house. It’s like for those few hours your escape all the problems and all the things stressing you out. Just remember to put suntan lotion on, and to stay hydrated!

Have a BBQ!

I have been wanting a BBQ for ages now, and I am hoping this weekend is the weekend I get one! Food always seems to taste so much better when it’s cooked outside and it always smells loads better too! They always seem to put everyone in a much better mood too. It’s like it doesn’t matter if there are 3 or 30 people, everyone seems so happy when the barbie is on!

Just remember, if you are out and about in the sun this bank holiday stay safe. Where suntan lotion, always have a bottle of water on you and have fun!
Let me know what you’ve got planned this weekend whilst it’s nice and hot outside!

That’s all for now!

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