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Gossip & Giggles with T!

I created Gossip & Giggles with T back in 2016 simply with the passion for writing and dream to be able to inspire and help other people. Over the years my blog has been through a number of designs and the content I have created has changed, but my goals still remain the same.
My aim for this blog is to make it a place for everyone to enjoy, but I also want it to be a visual representation of what’s in my mind. For those that know me, you’ll know that I am a lover of pretty much everything and I often have a lot to say about those things as well. Which is why this blog has so many categories.

What you can find on this blog include – Lifestyle, Entertainment, Cooking, Baking, Fashion, and Beauty

About Me:

My name is Tia-Maria, but most people call me T. I am 19 years old, and I am currently a student at university studying Mass Communications. Some may call me overly ambitious, I say a girl with big dreams, and I am most certainly not afraid to chase after them. I spend way too much time singing, eating, sleeping, and binge-watching TV shows!

Every piece of this blog, I think, describes who I am as a person. Despite what the name says, this is not a gossip blog. It’s a site for me to share my thoughts, offer advice, and hopefully entertain others.
If you would like to connect with me, you can find me on my social media sites:

Twitter: @TiaMariaHope
Instagram: @TiaMariaHope
Facebook: Gossip & Giggles with T

Or you can contact me via the Contact page.

Thank You so much for coming to this page. I hope you have a great time exploring my blog. Feel free to leave a comment on a post you like and subscribe to be updated with future posts.
Dream Big and Never Stop Laughing.
Much Love,
– T xo


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