Quick & Easy Dinners | Pasta and Vegetable Dish

Hello and Welcome to, Gossip & Giggles with T! With me going off to Uni in a few months I have been experimenting in the kitchen, finding quick and easy meals to make. You can check out some more Quick and Easy dinners here: Quick & Easy Dinners | Tomato Basil Pasta My latest addition to... Continue Reading →


New and Improved Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe!

Hello and Welcome to, Gossip & Giggles with T! One of the first posts I uploaded on this blog was a recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese and since then I have been experimenting a lot with the different ways to make it. I think this recipe that I am sharing with you is the tastiest and... Continue Reading →

Jam Tarts!

Jam Tarts Ingredients: Raspberry Jam (or Jam of choice) 300g Flour 150g Butter 2 TBSP Sugar 1/2 cup of Water Method: Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4 and use the middle shelf! Step 1: Mix the flour, sugar, and butter together until they become like crumbs. Step 2: Then gradually add the water to the... Continue Reading →

Orange Cake

Orange Cake Ingredients: 200g Caster Sugar 200g Butter 200g Self-Raising Flour 3 large Oranges 3 Eggs Teaspoon Vanilla Essence Method: Step 1: Pre-Heat the oven to Gas Mark 4, and grease the baking tin. Step 2: Mix together the Butter and Sugar so that you get a creamy texture. Step 3: Cut the Oranges in... Continue Reading →

What’s good on Pinterest?

Hello and Welcome to, Gossip & Giggles with T! I was scrolling through my pinterest last night and I realised that I have not really shared it with you that much. I know quite a while back I shared my Pinterest's favourites - Pinterest, Fashion, Favourites! - but that was so long ago and was purely focused... Continue Reading →

Orange and Chocolate Cupcakes!

Hello and Welcome to, Gossip & Giggles with T! The other day I spontaneously decided I was going to bake something. At the time I had no idea what, but when I saw the Oranges in my fridge and Cocoa Powder in the cupboard, the idea came to me. I was not sure how these cupcakes... Continue Reading →

Banana Cake

Hello and Welcome to, Gossip & Giggles with T! I have been craving Banana's for quite some time, but I have noticed the more you eat of them the more sickly they become. I didn't want to go off them so instead, I decided why not make a Banana cake? I came across this recipe... Continue Reading →

Apple Pie Cake | Dessert Recipe

Hello and Welcome to, Gossip & Giggles with T! I am not 100% sure what I should call this dessert. I originally wanted to make an Apple Crumble, but I didn't have the correct ingredients to make the breadcrumbs. So from what I did have, I ended up making this. Apple Pie Cake, it has a small... Continue Reading →

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