Places I Want To Go!

Hello and Welcome back to, Gossip & Giggles with T! There are so many places and countries I would love to visit. From places in the UK to across the world. These aren't all the places, just 18 of them! If you have been to any of these places comment below and tell me what... Continue Reading →


Hometown Hunt

Hello and Welcome back to, Gossip & Giggles with T! So I was asked by Eventbrite to join their Hometown Hunt, to inspire people to go out and explore their hometowns. I have been living in Hertfordshire all my life, particularly Watford for the last 12 years. The perk of living somewhere for years is... Continue Reading →

About Travel!

Hello Everyone! In the last few years I have found myself travelling all over the place and I absolutely love it. I am always going to new places and experiencing new things, but I have never been able to document any of it. The posts in this category will be recommendations on all the places I... Continue Reading →

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